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Reminder: May is the month traditionally consecrated to Mary and we’d like to invite you to pray the Holy Rosary with us this May. Please join us this final Saturday morning at 11:15AM (link below).

Feast of Corpus Christi Communion Services

On Saturday June 5th, and Sunday June 6th, we’ll be offering brief communion services as a way of marking the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, or Corpus Christi. Services begin every fifteen minutes and last about 10 minutes. They consist of a brief liturgy of the Word, followed by an opportunity to receive the Eucharist. Please note that there will not be an opportunity to remain in the church following the end of the brief service. Registration is required.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 3:00PM - 4:00PM

SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 1:30PM-4:00PM


A Musical “Did You Know?”: Doxology

Did you know that liturgical expressions of praise directed to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, have a name? They are called doxologies, a word that is derived from the Greek terms doxa and - logia, meaning “glory” and “saying.” One of the most recognizable short doxologies is the Gloria Patri prayer (Glory be); a longer example is the Gloria (Glory to God in the Highest), which is also known as the “Greater Doxology.” Another, proclaimed by the priest while he raises the chalice and host, is found at the end of the Eucharistic prayer (“Through Him, and with Him, and in Him…”) to which we respond “Amen.” Doxologies also appear at the end of many hymns, and in the canticles and psalms recited during the Liturgy of the Hours. It is quite fitting that they are usually sung, considering one of liturgical music’s goals is also the glorification of God. Throughout the year, doxologies help remind us that our praise to the Trinity must be unceasing.

Heart Speaks to Heart: A Pastoral Letter

On April 28, 2021, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, released a new pastoral letter on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, "Heart Speaks to Heart." You can read the entire letter here.

Here’s what’s on this weekend

Saturday, May 29

Sunday, May 30

Mass from St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica is available from 7:30AM onwards

You may view a list of the Mass intentions celebrated this week here.

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