Let's talk about female travelers

The proportion of female business travelers is growing. In the United States alone, 47% of business travelers are now women (CreditDonkey). Being sent out to a new destination and for most of us unfamiliar environment can be exciting but includes unnecessary stress and risks if you are not well prepared. 

Women especially can face additional security risks while on the road on foreign soil. The good news is that you can prevent unforeseen events and incidents by accessing whatever you need to know from your mobile. Combine your browsing with the knowledge you need via Safeture E-learning module. Read all about the country you’re visiting and improve your risk awareness while you wait for your flight or train. 

Take your time to go through the topics you are interested in. Each module starts with a short fun, and educational video that includes additional content to give you more curiosity and awareness about the country you’re visiting. 

Let it be your guide. Let us guide you. 
Want to know more? We’re happy to help. 

5 Useful tips from the Female Traveler E-learning Module
• Be aware of local customs with regards to dress and appearance.
• Select only business-class hotels whenever possible.
• Use pre-arranged transport, including taxis.
• Socialize in larger groups of people you trust.
• Meet colleagues in common areas, never in your hotel room.

E-learning Webinar 

Our powerful Safeture platform is now even smarter with the introduction of integrated eLearning. Covering important topics from staying healthy and high-risk locations to cybercrime and and terrorism, you can get to know the risks and the steps you should take to avoid them.

Sign up for a webinar on Wednesday October 16 at 11:00 CET and learn more about the eLearning solution or contact us for a later opportunity.
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When OoO becomes the new normal – Magnus Hultman, CEO Safeture


Most people no longer put Out of Office (OoO) on their e-mail when going on vacation. Staying available is the new norm. 

The workplace is no longer what it used to be. Working 9 to 5 at the office applies to fewer white collar workers. According to CNBC 70 % of people globally work remotely at least once a week. Remotely is not necessarily working from home but could be any location outside of the office. Working from home is becoming an attractive perk for employees. In 2018 the average number of hours people worked from home in Sweden was 12 hours per week, and the trend is similar throughout the world.
OoO is what work is all about today, like meeting clients, attending courses to improve work skills, or just working from home or at a co-workspace doing those conference calls or researching/writing that important report. But companies still invest heavily in entry gates, front desks, entry cards, security guards and surveillance cameras. Once you get in, pretty much half the workforce is OoO.


How does this affect your HR manager and your security manager?

Having a controlled physical environment such as the office makes the job of the HR and security department much easier. But as the world changes, requirements change with it. Even if your employees might not be at the office, you are still the employer with all the responsibility it holds. 
At Safeture we believe that employees will demand everything a physical office can offer. Know where you are, communicate with you, make sure you get the right information at the right time. A digital safety net that caters to me wherever I am fulfilling my duties to the company.
Employee trust is important. According to Harvard Business Review, employees at high-trust companies report:
  • 74% less stress
  • 106% more energy at work
  • 50% higher productivity
  • 13% fewer sick days
  • 76% more engagement
  • 29% more satisfaction with their lives
  • 40% less burnout.
These are amazing numbers that any company would love to see. By making sure that you are there for your employees, wherever they are, they will notice and reward you for it. 
So, have you thought about your OoO policies and do you have the tools in place?

Case study from the world of Safeture:

When you need to know your exact position 

Ted works in a larger corporate group in South East Asia. Every day he commutes to his workplace in Singapore. He always drives the same way to and from work and the journey is usually uneventful. But one morning last fall, a motorcyclist quickly caught up with him. The motorcyclist misjudges the distance, bumps into Ted´s car and falls off his motorbike

Ted stops immediately and rushes to the man who is unconscious and bleeding from his head. As Ted goes to call for help, he panics. He realizes that he is not sure where he is on the highway. Then he remembers that he has the Sofea app developed by Safeture on his phone. He opens the app and quickly finds the phone number of the nearest ambulance and emergency center. 

Thanks to Sofea, Ted can give his exact position. Help quickly arrives and takes care of the injured motorcyclist. He is taken to the hospital and doesn’t have any serious injuries. The Safeture app shows how easy it is to get in contact with the emergency services or police and lead them to the right place even in chaotic situations.

Sofea is a personal safety and early travel warning solution developed by Safeture for ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd. A unique ASEAN collaboration among 7 leading telecommunications provider in the region, and they are TM from Malaysia, CAT from Thailand, Indosat from Indonesia, PLDT from the Philippines, Singtel from Singapore, Telbru from Brunei and VNPT from Vietnam.
On the radar

The deadline for the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union is approaching fast.
In recent weeks representatives from various economic sectors, such as banking and the automotive industry has issued warnings of possible disruption to supply lines and business, while other economists have downplayed the potential impact.
Another possible problem is shortages of some foods and medicines in the UK, and these could potentially be felt rapidly following a hard Brexit. This could, in turn, result in an uptick in civil unrest.
In Hong Kong it has been more than three months since protests over an extradition bill erupted. With no sign that the tension between the protesters and territory’s government abating, the situation is the region’s key financial hub will likely dominate the headlines in October. Violent clashes should not be ruled out. Transport disruptions including MTR delays due to these protests also should be considered.
The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, that runs until November 30, has already registered four hurricanes and two tropical storms which led to at least 62 casualties and widespread infrastructure damage (at least 8.483 billion US dollars). Safeture works constantly to offer updated information on approaching storms and guidance on preventive actions to mitigate their impact.

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Tech update – New features in Safeture

The Safeture platform now supports Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0 just-in-time provisioning. With a simple integration to the client. Safeture can read existing user data which means that both app and web portal users won't need to register in the Safeture platform, but will become a user the first time they log in. This helps both on-boarding and login procedures by allowing the users to authenticate using the corporate user accounts and bypassing 2-factor authentication.

On the go
The Safeture platform contains important information on more than 230 countries and regions. we have made it easier to find what you are looking for and quickly find out what you need to know. With our risk assessment table you can immediately see what can cause problems. You can even print the information and bring it along on the trip.


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