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The Best Refactoring You've Never Heard Of

Earlier this year, I wrote a newsletter about the biggest thing I changed my mind about in 2017.

Today, I've followed it up by releasing a blog post about the coolest thing I learned in 2018, as an enhanced transcript of my Compose 2019 talk.

Enjoy, The Best Refactoring You've Never Heard Of

Host Me at Your Company

The day after I spoke at Compose, I taught the workshop "Stop Debugging! Using Data Structures to Write Code that Can't Fail" three times: two private ones at Datadog and Uber NYC, and one public one at Byte Academy. And I had a blast each time.

So much, that I'd like to make a public offer: if I am in your city and have time, then I will come to your office and teach a free 1-2 hour workshop.

Contact me if you're interested. I live in Boston; frequently travel to San Francisco, NYC, and St. Louis; plan to visit Singapore, Chicago, and Michigan in the coming year; and can never predict what cities I'll be in the next year.

Advanced Software Design Web Course: Now Open

The next run of my Advanced Software Design Web Course, starting 8/23, is now accepting applications. Students continue to report massive benefits to their software engineering abilities, often starting from the first week, helping them both in jobs and in interviews.

As usual, for this run, I am only accepting 15 students, and several have already been sold.

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