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Hi all,

I have released the final version of my blog post on abstraction. Since its preview in the last newsletter, I have greatly expanded it explain more about what abstraction is.

And Now For Something Completely Different 

Grad school life for many is a place that demands a lot of mental gymnastics. But for me, the gymnastics were physical.

I sprung into the sport during one of the toughest times in my life. In a gym just barely out of sight of my office, that blue-foamed room offered a place where every fall was cushioned, no tumble was tumultuous, and where every topsy-turvy world would soon be righted. It was a haven from the complexity of CS grad school life. But also a place for CS grad students to find complexity.

Fast forward a few years, and I'm talking to a friend before a gymnastics meet. "The scoring rules are really complicated. I wonder if they're NP-hard?"

This being MIT, said friend is now a professor of mathematics, and we have now proven this is the case. I'm pleased to announce that our paper
has just been accepted to the 11th International Congress on Fun with Algorithms.

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