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It's graduation season—a time of perpetual hope, confusion, excitement, and wonder. This time of year always makes me a bit reflective. Since my book launched, I've met the most amazing people at every event and been treated to the diversity of perspectives and the power of a common bond.

The most emotional talk I did was at Villanova, from where my nephew John just graduated. John, who did so much to promote the event on campus, was in the audience with his friends, and I loved speaking with them as they start their new lives. At first, I was envious of that butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling they all had about the future, but then remembered, we all can change our future at any moment. That was exactly how I felt when I got a book deal. You just need to start somewhere.

As my graduation present to all of you, if there’s a college student in your life that you think would like my book, be one of the first five people to respond and I will send you a signed copy and our exclusive Nice Girls bracelet for you to give them.

TIP / Replace "I'm Sorry" With "Thank You"

Women apologize too much—studies have proven this. One day as an experiment, I searched my inbox for “I’m sorry” to see how many times I used that phrase. Spoiler: It was a lot. I was apologizing for taking 2 hours to reply to an email! “I’m sorry” weakens whatever you have to say after it. “I’m sorry” takes away your power. Instead, replace “I’m sorry” with “thank you.” Here’s how.

My Startup Life

Portfolio news: Hello Giggles just released its first print magazine, and, no surprise, it couldn't be more fun. This is such a special investment for me because Hello Giggles was acquired by Time Inc. (after I worked there), and is now taking its incredible digital voice to print. It's come full circle. Congrats to the whole team!

Startup to watch: Shoe designer Sarah Flint. Besides being Meghan Markle's go-to brand, these handmade Italian shoes have captured the attention of celebrities like Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, and Cindy Crawford (an investor in the company). They're offering 15% off for new customer purchases using the code NICEGIRL15

My Refinery 29 Column


“I'm very shy and tend to be a "yes person." How can I make a strong first impression at my summer internship?
—20 year old, Pennsylvania

“I want to transition to a career on the Hill, but I know no one. How can I make this happen?
—22 year old, Vermont

These questions may be coming from 20 year olds, but the advice in my latest column is applicable to anyone who needs to step out of her comfort zone. Next topic: bullying at work. Turns out, it's happening a lot; if you or someone you know has a career question about it, send them to

On My Radar

  • #movethedial strives to increase women's leadership in tech. Join me on May 31 for their debut NYC event
  • I will be speaking at Her Campus' HerConference on July 21 in New York City. Get $10 off the ticket price with the code NICEGIRLSFTW
  • Drop the Ball author Tiffany Dufu just launched The Cru, a peer coaching service. Applications are pouring in, but she's particularly looking for women from the Midwest. Apply today!
  • Great read: Rent the Runway CEO and cofounder Jenn Hyman took a bold step to create a more equal workforce. 
  • What should you do when you're underpaid but happy at work? My advice + share your thoughts.
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