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The last few months have been a master class in managing unpredictability. Feeling insecure in your place in the world can be overwhelming, but know this: Everyone has something to contribute. The key is to figure out your unique value. I spoke about this topic with Meredith Fineman for her new book, Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion—a guide to talking about yourself in a smart, effective way. Here’s what I shared:
  • You are just as valuable as someone “big.” Often, younger people tend to question what value they can offer somebody who’s more senior than them. In reality, there’s always an opportunity to add value. You may have access to a network or community, knowledge of a social media platform, or functional expertise that could be very helpful to someone else.
  • Don’t just ask, offer. A young woman asked me for advice on LinkedIn, but she caught my attention by also offering to share some social media ideas for the startups that I advised (she had researched my portfolio).
  • Talk about what makes you unique. Many founders focus their pitch on the product, but it’s equally important to talk about yourself. That emotional connection is vital when you’re pitching.
Whether it’s sharing Zoom tricks, being the glue that keeps a remote workforce together, or even managing to stay optimistic on a particularly trying day, your skills and talents are valuable. They make you you.

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TIP / Cultivate a Beginner's Mindset

When I met Gretchen Tarrant in the fall, she asked about how to start a writing practice. Like so many of us, I told her she needed accoutability, whether it was a writing partner or a schedule to live by. I’m delighted to share that she stuck with her intentions and launched a new blog, In Her Own Write. I love what she says about striving to have a Beginner’s Mindset—when you approach everything in your life with fresh eyes, as if it was your first time experiencing it. When you’re not jaded by routine or societal expectations, this new perspective can unleash a world of possibility.

My Startup Life

Fund Black-Owned Businesses: Did you know that Black women–led businesses have captured just .0006% of venture capital funding? As an investor in IFundWomen, I couldn’t be prouder of their initiative iFundWomen of Color, which launched in January 2020, and their latest effort to support diverse, women-owned businesses and close this gap. As they say, "Words matter. Money talks louder."

New app: My friend JJ Ramberg recently launched Goodpods, a cool new podcast discovery app that I’ve been loving. You can easily see what podcasts your friends and influencers are listening to and can subscribe directly from the app. It’s kind of like Goodreads, but for podcasts.

Nice Girl Shout-out

I’m so proud of my niece Sophie D’Ippolito for turning lemons into lemonade! Sophie graduated in May and, due to the lack of job opportunities, is spending her summer selling beautiful cheese boards and boxes. I'm inspired by how quickly she moved to action. She created a logo, signature product, and Instagram account within two days and was delivering boxes the very next week.  It’s such a good example of not agonizing over perfection. If you live in Westchester, she delivers! You can find her at @boardsbysoph.

On My Radar

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