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Just breathe. I often have to remind myself of this—especially when I'm feeling extra stressed (like when promoting my book!). My dear friend Patricia Karpas, cofounder of Meditation Studio, first introduced me to the art of meditation, which has been one of the best experiences of my life. I know it's become somewhat trendy for executives to meditate, but I get it: Meditation tames stress and helps you focus on what matters most. It's the secret to doing your job well. I find that 5 minutes first thing in the morning is all I need.

And, because there's nothing more I love than bringing good friends together, Patricia, Chrissy Carter, and I created a series of Nice Girl Meditations as a companion to the book. It's Chrissy's words and voice that guide you through the meditations. The collection is designed to inspire and empower you in business and to help you find opportunities to be smart and empathetic, kind and strong. Here's an exclusive preview of the Kind and Strong meditation. If you subscribe, you will get all 13 Nice Girl meditations like Getting Unstuck, Invest in Yourself, and more—plus, the first 50 subscribers get one month free

TIP / Build Your Self-Confidence

In honor of International Women's Day, Elle MacPherson interviewed nine women (including me!) to discuss the past (who inspires us), the present (our daily holistic health practices), and the future (where do you see women in 20 years?). Elle shared her own secrets: "Self-confidence, to me, is essential to both personal and professional success. I believe it comes from within and stems from overarching wellness. Feeling good, being nourished from the inside out, and being healthy boosts confidence and self-esteem which in turn makes us stronger." Read all the tips and interviews on Get the Gloss

My Startup Life

The Wing just opened their new Brooklyn location. Take a peek! And the tequila business is booming. Cheers to Gem and Bolt and Casa Dragones on this awesome NY Times article about the newfound star power of tequila—it's my go-to drink! Looks like I'm in good company (I'm looking at you, Oprah).

My New Refinery 29 Column


“I've been fairly successful in my career, but I feel like I'm a child wearing adult clothes. How can I shake away feeling like an imposter?
—28 year old, Baltimore, MD 

This was the question I was asked for my first Refinery29 career column. Imposter syndrome is all too real and I bet nearly every one of you dear readers has experienced it at some point in your career. I know I have! Read my advice for our Baltimore friend and see if it worked.

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On My Radar

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