15th April 2020
Newsletter 005

I hope that you are surviving the lockdown and that you have found a little bit of time to relax and enjoy some of this unexpected family time!

I would like to extend a special warm welcome to the many families of our New Entrant children - who 
would in normal circumstances have joined our Freyberg community this term for the first time.  To Remy, Jesse, Sophie, Levi, William, Casper, Marlon, Mila, Nova and Meimi we look forward to seeing you all again in the not too distant future and welcome you to our Freyberg famiily!

Thank you again to all those who filled out our survey (or contacted the school by email last week) regarding the need to have a device to assist your child/children learn at home.  Yesterday Senior Managers were busy packaging and sending off school owned devices. As you can imagine this is an extremely busy time for couriers and we are hoping these will be delivered before the end of the week.

As mentioned in earlier correspondence, our teaching team has discussed our teaching expectations and the way that these will be presented will vary from teacher to teacher. 

As teachers, we will:
  • Check in daily or every other day to monitor well being and continue to foster positive relationships.
  • Provide regular tasks and activities through Seesaw (Teams 1, 2 & 3) and Google Classroom (Team 4)
  • Be online as much as possible to provide feedback, support and guidance during school hours.
  • Send a video/recording/voice message daily 

This way of learning is taking a lot of flexibility and courage for our teachers to explore and navigate.  This is new ground for us also and we are still finding our way, so please be patient with us as we learn alongside you and your children.

With many parents now working from home our expectation of you is to work with what best suits your family!  We are here to support you.

If you have any questions or comments please contact your child's teacher directly, or the school office at

Noho ora mai - stay safe,
Maria Dopheide - Principal
Freyberg Community School
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Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 15th April

First day of Term 2- virtual learning :)
School newsletter home today

Wednesday 22nd April

Chronicle home today

...and on a more serious note....

A Recipe for Iced Coffee

1. Have kids
2. Make coffee
3. Forget you made coffee
4. Drink it cold

I'm sure we can all relate at present!

Birthday cupcake

Happy Birthday

to the following students whose birthdays took place during the week ending 29th March
Salem Silulu (8)  Maya Regmi (8)
Kyle Blayney (10) 
Presley Stone-Michaels (10)

Mishty Kumar (6) 
Preston Morrell-Tupago (6)

and to the following students whose birthdays took place during the week ending 5th April

Tomi Adamchevski (9)  Jack George (8)
Zaiya Bhula (7)  Isla Walmsley (7)
Kaiya Hamahona (10) 
Rico Diener Whitelaw (9)
Aaron Cai (6)  Milan Vili (6)  Lucas Ji (6)

and to the following students whose birthdays took place during the week ending 12th April

Cede-Reez Taylor (9)  Jasmine Roper (7)
Hannah Shearer (7)  Chloe Brocas (8)
and Lilly-Fay Sammons (7)

and of course to the following birthdays taking place this week!

Noah Chen (8)  Ilisha Pysaka (7)
Greyson Cunningham (8) 
Montana Stone-Michaels (8)
Sakurako Akutsu (11) 
Famous Puletaha (10)
Lex Murray (8)  Madison Croxon (8) 
Harry Neal (6)

We hope your had/ have a wonderful day
celebrating with family in your bubble!
Our school newsletter will appear a little different for now as we navigate our "new normal".  Hopefully this finds you all well and holding up within your bubbles. 

We have received many images/video links sent in from students being super creative in their bubbles and it looks like we have some budding actors/cooks/creative geniuses within our Freyberg family!  We also have images of events that took place pre lockdown and of course now during our current situation.  I will try to include a few from every team over the next few weeks or so.  If you have written a story/poem/created an interesting piece of art.....feel free to send it to your class teacher or direct to  I am always happy to share and look forward to hearing what you have been up to in your bubbles!

Stay safe and take care........missing you all and look forward to seeing you all again, rather sooner than later!!!!

Warmest regards        Mrs Prins

Do you have want to say hello to your friends, your class, your teachers or the whole school? If you do - we will be having a student shoutout section in next weeks newsletter. Send your videos to and we will do our best to upload as many as we can!
Our lovely librarian Mrs Temu wishes to remind all students that you can access our e-platform to read many of our e-books.  The number of books available is huge and we are sure you will find something to keep you busy! 
Remember.... reading allows us to be many things.....informed, escape, and of course - relax!

The username is Room 7 (change to your child's classroom)
The password is 1280 (this allows access for all Freyberg students)

Click on the link below....... 
Click here to access our e-platform for great books to read!
Above are just a few images from Room 2 & 3's one and only swimming lesson prior to lockdown.  Room 3 students were also learning 'L is for Lion' and Room 13 had been busy with their LEGO challenge.  Thank you for sharing, Ms Cooke!
Thank you to Room 4 students who have been busy with their distance learning late last term. Looks like you have been working very hard and are doing a fantastic job! Thank you so much for sharing, Izzy, Kyrani, Rico & Hannah.
Room 16 students have been brushing up on their cooking skills and it making robots out of recycling.  Thanks Kingsley and Akerya for sharing.  The sushi looks so good.....Kingsley I think that you may have given me an idea for what's going to be on the dinner menu tonight.....if only I had rice....mmmmmm!  Toasted sandwiches it is then!!!!

Mykah in Room 19 has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

Certainly a very yummy looking chocolate cake!

I hope there was enough for Mum, Dad, Zafira and Peyton after you enjoyed a big slice for all that hard work Mykah!
Brett Fairweather from Kids Aerobix Ltd has created a free JUMP JAM workout that is available for all (students/mums/dads) to burn up some energy while staying at home during lockdown. Check out the following link....
Click here for some Jump Jam!
Check out this feel good moment spotted on Facebook! 
Maybe it's someone you know? Great artwork T....r family!

Stay safe, be kind and take care!
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