11th December 2019
Newsletter 021
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Dates for Your Diary

Thursday 12th December
Students visit new classes for 2020
            - at 9.30 a.m.
Year 6 Leavers Party 1.30 p.m. - 3.05 p.m.

Friday 13th December
End of Year School Reports - sent home
Team 2 - Rooms 7, 8, 9 & 10 - Fun Day!

Rangeview Super 7's Visit for Y6 students  enrolled to attend 2020
                - 12.30 - 3 p.m.

Team 1 - Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
                     Fun Afternoon!

Monday 16th December
Final Assembly Practice - 9.30 a.m.

Tuesday 17th December

End of Year Final Assembly to farewell our Year 6 Students
  - 9.30 a.m.

We are asking all visitors to be seated by 9.10 a.m - all welcome!

Wednesday 18th December
Last day of Term 4
               - early finish of 2 p.m.


Diary Dates
for 2020

29th January - 31st  January 2020
School office reopens for new enrolments, stationery & uniform purchases: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

3rd February 2020
First day of Term 1

6th February 2020

Waitangi Day - no school today

7th February 2020

Teacher Only Day - no school today

Birthday cupcake

Happy Birthday

to the following students whose birthdays are happening this week:

Isabella Bain (11), Memphys Luka (11)
Taria Kauvai (10), Lucas Yang (9),
Catherine Duong (7), Chloe Giddens (10)

and of course those celebrating their birthdays during December:

Lyann Ota (8), Mufaddal  Telewala (9),
Vanna-Rose Im-Affleck (11),
Kyle Mulles (8), Adisyn Williams (6),
Ethan Pillai (11), Gia McLeigh (6),
Janie-Rose Makoare-Cooper (6),
Adam Turnbull (9), Mia Daniels (9),
Yvonne Shun (11),
Patricia Miru-Waha-Rai (6),
Julian Pratt (7),
Sophie-Lee Viskovich (11), 
Kaydn Regmi (10), Noah Vili (8).

and finally, those celebrating their birthdays during January:

Lamonnz Isaaka (10), Rex Wang (7),
Jamie Bekker (9), Pedro Portugal (10),
Zainab Tashrifwala (9),Harper Kairae (10),
Liam Miners-Jacka (8), Brielle Smith (7),
Naytor Pofitu (7), Dylan Yang (7),
Anna Jugessur (7), Bevan Yu (7),
Ha Jun In (9), Ireland Kaleopa (6),
Daniel Shin (8), Ethan Steadman (8),
Ji Woo Lee (7), Keran Rimamate-Allen (6),
Giles Silulu (7), Samuel Chen (9),
Amy Gilligan (7), Jennifer Quach (7),
Payton Williams (9), Xavier Zubiri (9),
Iosua Muaulama (7), Shota Hirano (8),
Meiyi Lu (7), Keanu Jacobs(10),
Stefan Stanojlovic (6), Ben Irvine (6)
Jacob Nuuola (9).

We hope you have a wonderful day
celebrating with family and friends!



A Message from our Principal

This is the last letter for 2019. I would like to sincerely thank some of the people who have helped make it a very happy and successful year for our School. These people play a critical role in ensuring that our children are receiving the very best educational opportunities and are happy and safe at Freyberg Community School. 

A very big thank you to our Board Chair, Avinseh Pillai, who competently supports and works behind the scenes to lead a board that has a genuine interest in the teaching and learning programmes and the care for our children. The support of Avinesh and the Board of Trustees genuinely does affect the quality of what happens here at Freyberg Community School. A very big thank you to Alex Lau, Ruth Osborne, Bevan Weir and Nick Simmons. You are doing a great job as Trustees and really looking after the staff and students at Freyberg.

Thank you to our Deputy Principals Maria Dopheide, Emma-Lea Graaf and Matt Allely. These senior managers have ably supported me over the last two years as I have lead the Te Atatu Community of Learning. Ms Dopheide has been Acting Principal during this time and she has effortlessly stepped in to the principal role. The senior managers' expertise, collegiality and support contributes greatly to the effectiveness of the school and the happy tone we enjoy at Freyberg. 

A special thank you to our secretaries Juliette Prins, Sharon Callaghan and Rachael Temu.  I know that you all support me in acknowledging their capable, caring and welcoming approach to everyone. They, along with our fantastic support staff, add great value to what happens here at Freyberg. We have fabulous Teacher Aides working with us at Freyberg - Molly Ong, Christine Neff, Claire Buchanan, Melanie Spackman and Hannah Kelly. Thank you for being such talented, happy and supportive staff. Our children are very lucky to have you.

Thank you too to our Community Education Director Linda Konik and our absolutely fantastic Caretaker Merv Dingley.  Equally lovely people who are capable, flexible and add so much to our school family.

Our Fundraising Panel  are proactive and vibrant people who allow teachers to access better resources, sports teams to use better sporting equipment and children to play on great playground equipment. They are pivotal in providing a better standard of education for our children and we are very appreciative of the time and energy they put in to our school.

Thanks to our syndicate leaders Keith Dove, Matt Reyland, Tess Hickling and Vikki Pearson. Under their leadership we have again this year seen real data and supported academic progress demonstrated across the syndicates. Thank you to our teachers and teacher aides who can deliver quality teaching and learning whilst still incorporating fun activities into their programmes. Their positive attitude is reflected in the positive children who attend our school. I am immensely proud of the fact that despite more and more being incorporated in to the curriculum that our teachers remain focused on the core business of learning and teaching. This is reflected in improved learning outcomes and positive, happy children and a very happy Principal!   

Next year, Mr Dove will take on a pastoral role and we welcome Natasha Carlielle who will lead Team 4 as the new Team Leader.

This year has been extremely busy with productions and trips. The level of parental support is directly impacting on the quality of education and opportunities our children receive.

We continue to see lovely, spontaneous and happy children attend Freyberg and this makes us really proud to be part of this exciting, happy and busy school. 

Thanks to everyone for a productive and successful year. I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday.
I look forward to 2020!!

Christine Wilson

An Important Message for all Freyberg Parents/Caregivers
Freyberg Community School has opted into the Government School Donations Scheme for 2020. 

This means that in January next year, we will receive approximately $127.50 per student (this is with GST removed) from the Ministry of Education to use for curriculum - instead of asking for donations. 

We will not be asking for payments for any school trips or visitors in 2020, unless it is a non-core curriculum related activity such as an overnight school camp.

School uniforms, stationery and out of school hours activities such as netball will require payment as normal.
Click here for more information about the School Donations Scheme
2019 School Term Dates
Term 4 - Last day - Wednesday 18th December 2019  - an early finish of 2 p.m.

2020 School Term Dates
Term 1 - Monday 3rd February - Thursday 9th April 2020

Teacher Only Day - Friday 7th February

Term 2 - Wednesday 29th April - Friday 3rd July
Teacher Only Day - Tuesday 28th April
Teacher Only Day - Friday 29th May

Team 3 - Monday 20th July - Friday 25th September
Team 4 - Monday 12th October - Wednesday 16th December 

Teacher Only Day - Friday 23rd October

At the end of each term and especially after school events (where students do not wear their school uniform) we always have a mountain of unnamed clothing (uniform and mufti), drink bottles, lunchboxes and shoes (including 1 brand new Black Nike Airmax shoe) turn up in the office looking to be reunited with their rightful owner.  Returning these items is easier if they are adequately named. 

In addition to these we appear to have an ever increasing collection of toys and treasures being brought to school.  As outlined in our school prospectus we do not encourage this practice. It creates a large amount of stress to students when toys and treasures have gone missing and we appreciate co-operation in this matter.

Please note that all lost property is held in the school office and will be put out on the junior syndicate courts by the sickbay weekly for all to view and hopefully claim :) 

All unclaimed clothing and shoes remaining on the last day of the term will be forwarded to the Salvation Army.
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