8th December 2021
Newsletter 033
Dear Freyberg Parents, Caregivers and Whānau,

This is our last newsletter of 2021. This has been a particularly difficult year for our community but I am immensely proud of how our learners have demonstrated the Freyberg CORE values of creativity, optimism, resilience and empathy. I think we have all gained a new perspective on what is really important in our lives - spending time with loved ones, staying happy and healthy, and having the freedom to go where we want and when we want.

On that note, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the people who are special to us and have helped to make Freyberg a happy and successful place to be this year, by playing a critical role in ensuring that our children are receiving the very best educational opportunities that we can offer them.

Thank you to the members of the Board - Bevan Weir, Ruth Osborne, Alex Lau, Nick Simmons, Tanielu Kaleopa, and Viv Cooke - their support genuinely does affect the quality of what happens here at Freyberg Community School. They are doing a great job and are really looking after the staff and students at Freyberg.

Thank you to our senior managers Emma-Lea Graaf and Matt Allely. We have been a team throughout my time as a beginning principal and their expertise, support and collegiality contributes greatly to the effectiveness of the school and the happy culture we enjoy at Freyberg.

Thank you to our team leaders Natasha Carlielle, Matt Reyland, Tess Smith and Vikki Pearson. Under their leadership we have seen real growth and academic success demonstrated throughout the school.

Thank you to all of the teachers who have delivered quality teaching and learning - no matter whether the school has been open for on-site learning or not. Our teachers do so much for us which often goes unnoticed - social work, whānau help, fundraising, mental health support  - the list is endless. Their positive attitudes are reflected in the positive children who attend our school. I am so proud of the fact that despite lockdowns, more and more being asked of them through the curriculum and the general uncertainty throughout 2021 that they have remained focused on our core business of teaching and learning. This is reflected in our ongoing academic progress and optimistic school culture.

Thank you to our office staff Juliette Prins, Sharon Callaghan and Rachael Temu. I know you will agree that they deserve acknowledgement for their caring, capable and welcoming approach. I also thank them for their support and organisation throughout the year. They, along with our support staff, add such great value to what happens here at Freyberg. We have such fantastic Teacher Aids working with us here - Molly Ong, Claire Buchanan, Melanie Spackman, Hannah Kelly, and Melissa Williams - thank you for being such supportive, talented staff members. Our children are very lucky to have you.

Thank you too to our Community Education director Linda Konik and our caretaker Merv Dingley - both such capable, flexible people who add so much to our school community.

Our Fundraising Group did not get much of a chance to gain momentum this year but I still want to thank all of the members of our community who have volunteered their time this year to help raise funds for us - they are all proactive and vibrant people who allow teachers to access top resources, sports teams to have better equipment, and children to play on fabulous playground. They are pivotal in providing a better standard of education for our children and we are very appreciative of the time and energy that they put into our school.

2021 has been another extraordinary year with COVID-19. The level of parental support we have had has directly impacted on the quality of education and opportunities our children receive. We continue to see kind, spontaneous and happy children attending Freyberg and this makes us all really proud to be part of this exciting, busy, and happy school. It is really important to us to acknowledge our parents and whānau at this time, as without your efforts and your commitment to your family's partnership with our school, the challenge of students learning throughout lockdown would simply have been too great. Even though it has been a rough year, it has still been successful and productive for our students and for that we are really thankful.

On behalf of Freyberg Community School I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday. See you all in 2022!

Noho ora mai - stay well,

Maria Dopheide

Diary Dates to Remember
Rāmere -Friday 10th December
Team 2 & 4 End of Year School Reports - sent home today

Rāhina - Monday 13th December
Team 1 & 3 End of Year School Reports - sent home today

Rātu -Tuesday 14th December
Last day of Term 4 - no early finish due to current staggered finish times.


Rāmere -Friday 28th January

School office opens  - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. for all new in zone enrolments, uniform &  stationery purchases

Rātu -Tuesday 1st February
School office opens  - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. for all new in zone enrolments, uniform &  stationery purchases
"Meet the Teacher" Morning - dependent on Covid-19 Protection Framework levels
Teacher Only Day - Afternoon programme

Rāapa  Wednesday 2nd February 
School office opens  - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. for all new in zone enrolments, uniform &  stationery purchases
Teacher Only Day 

Rāpare - Thursday 3rd February
First day of Term 1
Newsletter home today

Rāhina - Monday 7th February
Waitangi Day - public holiday recognition - no school today

2021 School Term Dates

Term 4 - Monday 18th October - Tuesday 14th December
 no early finish as previously advertised due to current staggered finishing times.


2022 School Term Dates  &  Teacher Only Days

Term 1:
Thursday 3rd February - Thursday 14th April
Teacher Only Day 21st March

Term 2:
Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July                         
Teacher Only Day 7th June

Term 3:
Monday 25th July - Friday 30th September                  

Term 4:
Monday 17th October - Tuesday 13th December    
Kia ora Freyberg Whānau,

As we fast approach the end of the 2021 school year, under the Red Level restrictions of the Covid-19 Protection Framework the ways in which our end of year reports and student work books arrive home will be a little different to previous years.

If your child is currently attending school school, either in a full time or part time bubble:

- Work books, completed work and end of year reports will be sent home with them in their school bags.
- Items that will be used again in 2022 (for example, library bags) will be taken to their new classrooms before the end of the year.

If your child is currently not attending school but will be attending Freyberg next year:

- Work books, completed work and end of year reports will be available to collect from outside the school office on Monday 13th December. If you would like to collect these, please visit the school office between 9.30am and 2.30pm and ensure you are wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and use the NZ Covid Tracer app.
- Items that will be used again in 2022 (for example, library bags) will be taken to their new classrooms before the end of the year.

If your child is not attending school and will not be attending Freyberg next year:

- All items along with end of year reports will be available to collect from outside the school office on Monday the 13th of December. If you would like to collect these, please visit the school office between 9.30am and 2.30pm and ensure you are wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and using the NZ Covid Tracer app.

Any items that are not collected will remain in the school office until 2022 and remaining reports will be send via post on Tuesday December 14th.

Hei konā

Maria Dopheide
Freyberg Community School
Is your child leaving Freyberg? 

Are you moving out of the area?

Please let us know!  If you are moving or your child will be enrolling at a new primary school in the New Year, please notify the office staff or email the following students whose birthdays are taking  place before the end of term:

Rexton C (9),  Ryan J (10),  Peyton M (8),  Rayyan A (9),
Rui B (6), Janessa T (11),  Michelle P (9)

and to the following students whose birthdays are taking  place  next week and of course during the school holiday break:

 Ishya E (9),  Lucas S (6),  Lucas Y (10), Catherine D(9),
Krish M (11),  Harper M (6), Noewel K (7),   LIsabella M (8), Lyann O (10),  Jesse S (7), Mufaddal T (11), Kyle M (10),  Harper T (7), Adisyn W (8), Ahsun M (6), Gia M(8),
Janie-Rose M-C (8),  Adam T (11),  Julian P (9),  Kirah B (6), Noah V (10)


Anaru S-W (6) , Patress U (11),  Rex W (9),  Jamie B (11),  
Jay-Jay W (7),  Sila K (6), Zainab T (11),   Liam M-J (10),  Meli N (6), Brielle S (9), 
Naytor P (9),  Azariah P (6), Dylan Y (9),  Anna J (9),  Epiphany S (7), Bevan Y (9), 
Ha Jun I (11),  Natalie W (9),  Remy Y (7),  Ireland K  (8),  Daniel S (10), 
Ethan S (10),  Isaac B (7),  Ji Woo L ( 9),  Taylor R (6), Keran R-A (8), 
Giles S (9),  Samuel C (11),  Amy G (9),  Jennifer Q (9), 
Byron T (9),  Xavier Z (11),  Iosua M (9),  Ayla M (6), Shota H (10),  Meiyi L (9), 
Cee-Ivy W (9), Emma K (7), Louise S (6), Alex T (6), Ethan A (6), 
Stefan S (8),  Ben I (8),  Jacob N (11), Alexander D (7).

We hope you had/have a wonderful day
celebrating with friends and family!
Wishing everyone a wonderful summer holiday break!

Stay safe if you are travelling out of Auckland...

I think we are in for a very humid, hot summer ....enjoy the time with family and friends. 

Remember to  slip, slap, slop with the sunblock and we  look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Meri Kirihimete!
We are super excited to remind our families about our KINDO online school shop.

Downloading the KINDO App allows you to purchase school uniforms and team stationery packs.  The KINDO school shop is open 24/7 and available on our school website and through the app, making it easy for you to complete payments and purchases when it suits you!  We are aiming to become a cashless school in the future so your support is appreciated.

KINDO Online orders can be made for
2022 Team Stationery Packs & Uniform items 

from 1st January 2022


 Items can be delivered directly to your child's class ready for
the 1st day of term or collected from the school office
when it reopens on Friday 28th January.
Hello from Team 2
The Room 7 tamariki have been enjoying their return to school and so have we!

We went on a hīkoi to the Whau River and made a nature playground on all the trees and roots 🌲🪵 
We also made our very own salt dough nature wreaths 🌿🌼 
and to top off the week, we enjoyed some Christmas jelly in the sunshine. 🎄☀️

A special thank you to Miss Gallagher  for sending these images through
....what a lovely way to end the school year!
The Room 10 tamariki enjoyed their walk down to the Whau River Bear Hunt that Mr Reyland kindly set up for all to enjoy!

We have Harry (Room 9) with his bear and
Quinn with her dog (and her dogs mask!!!)
We drew some elves and look how amazing Jett’s artwork is! 🤩

Thank you Miss Flynn for sharing your images below with us. 
It looks like Room 10 students have been super busy!

At the end of each term and especially after school events (discos, trips off site, mufti days etc) we always have a mountain of unnamed clothing (uniform and mufti), hats, drink bottles, lunchboxes and shoes turn up in the office looking to be reunited with their rightful owner.  Returning these items is easier if they are adequately named. 

In addition to these we appear to have an ever increasing collection of toys and treasures being brought to school.  As outlined in our school prospectus we do not encourage this practice. It creates a large amount of stress to students when toys and treasures have gone missing and we appreciate co-operation in this matter.

Please note that all lost property is held in the school office and will be put out in front of the resource room by Room 7 for all students to view (and hopefully claim) tomorrow, Friday and Monday next week.  Any items unclaimed clothing items will be forward to the Salvation Army collection bins on the last day of term.
Many thanks to those students who have now returned their school library books. 

With a large number of books still outstanding we would appreciate parents and caregivers having a quick check at home. 

Any located books, school resources, journals or reading books can be dropped into an amnesty box currently situated outside the school office. Alternatively small books etc may be left in our school mail box which will be cleared daily.

Bookings essential!
Phone 892 4920
or for more information visit 
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