Friday, January 31, 2020

This week, staff and program participants marveled at the beauty and magic of a Wednesday Night Out at Vintage House where people dined, learned to dance Jitterbug Swing, and moved their hips to Latin music in Zumba Gold class. On the heels of Sunday’s Jazz at the House rocking concert with Carlos Reye’s, this has been an amazingly inspiring and active week!

As in life, Vintage House is mindful in trying to  balance the beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting, with a dash of  “oh my,” “I had no idea,” and to help you avoid the, “I wish I had known.”  We have become aware of seniors who are struggling financially, some who have fallen to some very smart scams and have been recent victims of fraud.  It is one thing to read it in the news and another to have it happen to you or to someone you love. If you have fallen victim to a fraudulent scam it is important that you forgive yourself. Too often victims blame themselves thinking that they should have known better, but remember, older adults are targeted by professional scam artists and anyone of us can fall prey.

In the next few weeks, we will be pushing out information to help you identify fraudulent scams, and learn what you can do if you or someone you know is a victim. We will also be hosting workshops on these and other financial health topics like living wisely on a fixed income. Stay tuned for more details as they develop. 

While the Vintage House halls are abuzz with exciting programming opportunities to connect, explore, and belong, we would be remiss if we didn’t address some of the tough things that you, our members--our community-- are facing in your lives.  Trust that we will always do our very best to have your back, and if we can’t help, we will direct you to the proper resources that can assist you.

So, swing those hips, share a meal at Vintage House with old friends and new, and next week get ready to also drum till your heart's content, with our community drumming circle. Until then, have fun, keep coming back to Vintage House, and be safe out there! 

Rotary Sonoma Sunrise


Do you have a small project and need a helping hand? Rotary Sonoma Sunrise is your blessing for household projects. Yard maintenance, painting a fence, repairing a door, moving heavy boxes, setting up a new TV, help grocery shopping? Consider the kindness of Rotary as your answer. 

Please contact Susan Holzer, Community Resource Coordinator, by email or by phone (707) 996-0311.

Shamanic Sound Healing

Based on Peruvian Cosmology, Ancestral Wisdom and Modern Healing Principles.

Join Vintage House for this special event with ceremonial sound practitioners, speakers, teachers, and musicians René Jenkins and Janet Janae Cipriani.

This ancient method of Sacred Sound and Healing Touch for the Mind, Body, and Soul can shift the course of your life – by your design! Beautiful ancestral instruments are intuitively played around and upon your body, rhythmically and melodically, relieving stress to promote greater awareness, peace, and vitality.

Saturday, February 1 • 12:00 to 3:00
$45.00 Member / $55.00 Non-Member
Register Here: Shamanic Sound Healing

Financial Planning

New Offering at Vintage House

Have financial questions troubling you?

A good financial planner can guide one to a successful retirement, providing all of the requirements to sustain a period of time in life meant to be free of financial problems. Once in retirement, a retiree faces numerous questions such as: Should we sell our home or take a reverse mortgage? Are my investments proper for my age? How do I best plan taxes? Should I keep my old insurance policies? What files and receipts do I need to keep? What insurance policies do I need: Life insurance ... Long Term Care? How do I best leave my assets at death? 

Byron Nichols is an early pioneer in financial planning received his Certified Finacial Planner (CFP) designation in 1978. He spent the next thirty years working in the field, retiring in 2009. 

Byron will be at Vintage House Mondays to discuss personal financial questions, not try to sell or direct you to any product or service, just advice. Call or stop by the Front Desk to make your 30-minute appointment, (707) 996-0311.

Mondays •  Appointments start at 2:00

Brown Bag Medication Review

Sonoma Valley Hospital will be conducting a Brown Bag Medication Review (medication, supplements, and over the counter medication) at Vintage House.  Register for your one-on-one medication review, please call (707) 935-5257 or email Limited space is available.

Tuesday, February 4 •  2:30 to 4:30
Registration Info: Brown Bag Medication Review

Ukulele for Beginners

Would you like to learn the Ukulele?

Join John Brady for a six-week class.
No prior musical knowledge or experience is necessary!

Bring your ukulele and ...
  • Learn the parts of the ukulele, how to hold it, and how to tune it.
  • Explore three elements of playing a song: chords, rhythm, and melody.
  • Identify fingering for basic chords.
  • Practice playing and changing chords using simple strum patterns.
  • Play recognizable songs without learning how to read music.

Tuesdays, February 4 through March 10 • 10:00 to 11:30
6 Week Series

$54.00 Member / $108.00 Non-Member

Register Here: Ukulele for Beginners

Managing Complex Change

Change is inevitable. Join Susan Kovalik and learn to develop skills to make change less stressful. Change can be planned.

The only way to prepare for the unexpected is to build into all of your plans a contingency clause that specifies what you will do if the unexpected happens.

Wednesday, February 5 • 10:00 to 11:30
Drop-in per class: 
$10.00 Member / $20.00 Non-Member

Register Here: Managing Complex Change

iPhone Photography

Skye Hallberg

Want to get better at using the world’s number one camera? Want to turn your snapshots into good photographs? This class covers the quick keys to making better photographs before you click the shutter, how and when to use your iPhone camera settings and how to edit and improve your shots afterward. 

Wednesday, February 5  1:00 to 3:30
$25.00 Member / $40.00 Non-member
Register Here: iPhone Photography

Supper's On!

Don't know what to make for dinner, come join us for Supper's On!

Bring a bottle of wine ... we don't charge corkage. 

Chicken Sausage and Shrimp Paella
Community Welcome

Wednesday, February 5 • 4:00 to 5:30
$5.00 per Meal


Shared Housing Presentation

Come to Vintage House to learn about a unique way to age in place through shared housing. Executive Director, Amy Appleton, of SHARE Sonoma County (Shared Housing and Resource Exchange) and Vintage House’s Resource Coordinator, Susan Holzer will walk participants through the ins and outs of SHARE.
Wednesday, February 5 • 5:00 to 6:00

Friday, February 7 • 1:00 to 2:00
FREE Community Event
Register Here: Shared Housing Presentation

Clear Your Clutter, Shift Your Life

In this fun and informative class, Kari Wishingrad, a Professional Organizer since 1995, offers tools, techniques, and ideas to jump-start you to get your home/office/personal space in order so that you may be more productive, feel at peace and feel more relaxed in your home.
Monday, February 10  10:30 to 12:00
$10.00 Member / $20.00 Non-member
Register Here: Clear Your Clutter Shift Your Life

How to Manage Contact with Dogs

Whether you like dogs or not, there might be times that you find yourself when you don’t want to “meet” a dog. During this presentation, Gardner will talk about and demonstrate strategies and techniques to help you get through these times. How to use the “tools” that you have to discourage a dog from bothering you.
Monday, February 10  10:00 to 12:00
Register Here: How to Manage Contact with Dogs


Master Siri and More

How to TALK to your iPhone and/or iPad

Is typing into your device a hassle? Learn how to use your VOICE to talk to your iPhone or iPad. The class covers simple ways to make Siri understand you and over 30 ways to make Siri useful in your everyday life. Fun and easy to follow, learn the modern way to control your phone.
Wednesday, February 12 1:00 to 3:00
$20.00 Member / $35.00 Non-member
Register Here: iPhone Master Siri and More

Community Drumming Circle

Building Wellness and Community Through Music

Do you wish you could experience more of those joyful, stress-releasing, feel-good moments of flowing along with the music? Perhaps you wish you had learned to play a musical instrument but never did? 

Drumming is an activity anyone can do and enjoy listening to — no musical experience is required, and you don’t even need a drum to do it! AND, it’s been known since ancient times that drumming heals and harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. Drumming can decrease stress, induce deep relaxation, help you release negative feelings, ground you in the moment, and boost your immunity.

The class will introduce and explore basic rhythms and drum techniques to beginners and the experienced to foster an enduring sense of community through creative musical expression. Instruments will be supplied, but bring your own hand drum if you can. 

Monday, February 12  6:00 to 7:00
$25.00 Member / $40.00 Non-member
Register Here: Community Drumming Circle
Join the FREE discussion
facilitated by Susan Holzer

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion

Friday, February 14 • 1:00 to 2:00

Every one of us understands what it means to judge others versus accepting them for who they are. Yet, few of us can relate this to how we view ourselves. Kristin Neff points out from her research that there is a glaring difference between how self-esteem and self-compassion influence our happiness, life satisfaction, and connectedness.

No fee or registration required
...only your presence.
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