Friday, April 3, 2020
Shelter in place has been extended, some say we should wear masks,  others say it isn’t necessary, stores have chicken, then they don’t, and then there is the hunt for items we ordinarily take for granted such as toilet paper. Each day reveals something new and surprising. 

Here at Vintage House, our week started off with staff distributing 100 free meals so seniors (and a few families) and ended with distributing 100 free meals and 180 cups of soup.  We also had a Ted Talk via Zoom; A first here at Vintage House!  The topic?  How to be your best self in times of crisis with Susan David and it touches on the idea of emotional agility.  (We all need that now!)  What will Monday bring? We are not certain but we do know that our phones will be on (message system now works) and, with the help of generous organizations, volunteers, and donors, Vintage House will open its doors and continue doing all we can to serve the community. It is pretty inspiring around the House!
We are leaving you on this sunny Friday with a few things to brighten your weekend: Picks by Denise Wilbanks (our Transportation Coordinator) and a few helpful links.  Given that there will be no Jazz at the House this Sunday, check out Fridays at Five put on by SF Jazz!!  (Every Friday at 5 and $5!) After jazz, consider joining in on the KSVY sing-along at 7!  People are having great fun singing from their homes and feeling connected to others.  Go ahead, give it a try!
We are leaving you on this sunny Friday with a few things to brighten your weekend: Our staff corner (Denise Wilbank’s picks) and our Teacher Corner (Carol Allison, yoga instructor), and part 3 of a series by Bobbie Jonas. Given that there will be no Jazz at the House this Sunday, check out Fridays at Five put on by SF Jazz!!  (Every Friday at 5!) After jazz, consider joining in on the KSVY sing-along at 7!  People are having great fun singing from their homes and feeling connected to others.  Go ahead, give it a try! You won’t regret it!

Staff Corner

Shelter in Place - In Your Own Space

I’m Denise Wilbanks, Vintage House’s myRide Coordinator. You can usually find me at Vintage House scheduling transportation for seniors who are no longer driving, or out and about in the community meeting with new clients and giving rides. I love my job here at Vintage House… but I would secretly love to be a home renovator and interior designer! 

I don’t mind sheltering in place too much because my home is my favorite place to be. It’s not big or fancy, but I’ve spent a lot of time painting, doing projects and choosing furniture that I love, so it feels like “me.” Two of my favorite guilty pleasures are cruising the Houzz website and watching the Home and Garden Television channel. I’m slightly obsessed with viewing photos of fabulous designer kitchens and bathrooms, and I particularly love before and after photos of beautiful home renovations. I especially enjoy watching HGTV right now because the news can feel so overwhelming.  If I’m sitting on my couch with a glass of wine watching “Fixer Upper” and thumbing through my latest edition of “Better Homes andGardens,” I’m in my happy place!

I thoroughly enjoy doing home projects – I usually have something going on at any time.  I might be refinishing a door, hanging a new piece of art or organizing my closet.  I’m also good at repurposing items and a great bargain shopper. I have found some wonderful things on Nextdoor including a brand-new sectional sofa used only for home staging, and a lovely antique secretary desk (score!).

When you find yourself with a block of free time, that can be a great opportunity to tackle some of those home organization projects you’ve been putting off. Marie Kondo, the professional organizer from Japan, has been a big sensation. Check out her show Tidying Up on Netflix for inspiration.  I recently organized my shoe and purse closet - now I can easily find exactly what I’m looking for!

This weekend I have a painting project to finish up.  Not sure what my next project will be… but the longer this “shelter in place” order lasts, the more time I’ll have for my Houzz and HGTV obsessions, and that means new inspiration!  I look forward to seeing all of my Vintage House friends and co-workers soon, but until then I hope you’re sheltering in your own comfy, cozy, special place!

Teacher Corner

Carol Allison Yoga Instructor

I know many of you are missing your yoga classes at Vintage House - I know I am! Even though we can't be together, we can enjoy some of the benefits of yoga very easily on our own.
The most important and most simple exercise - BREATHE. Sit or stand comfortably, and put all your attention on your breath. Feel it move fully into and through your body. Each new breath is invited to flow in and out more slowly. Allow your mind to have a break from other thoughts and just let it rest with your breath. Let your shoulders and low back relax as you imagine a cord pulling up from the crown of your head to lengthen your spine.
It isn't necessary to do a full hour of yoga to continue your practice - although you certainly can! Pick a few favorite stretches and take a few minutes to enjoy them.
Some good basics:
Open up your shoulders and chest by gently circling your arms back and around.
Pull your shoulder blades down and together with your arms stretching back.
Gently arch your spine forward as you inhale, and round it back as you exhale (cat back/dog tail).
Easy twists at the waist, and side bends with your arm reaching up and over.
These can be done seated or standing, and always with full, slow breaths. You can chose a regular time of day to give your body this attention, or just anytime you are feeling a little stiff, stressed, or bored. Move your body and calm your mind!
It's also lovely to treat yourself to savasana (resting pose) by laying down on your back, opening your shoulders, and just letting yourself breathe and be. You can use any props or cushions to make yourself more comfortable, and you can lay on the bed rather than the floor if you like. Feel your body release into the support of the earth and guide your mind to stay present with your breath and body. Allow yourself to reset and refresh.
If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download free apps like Calm and Insight Timer. They have relaxing music and guided meditations to help you stay present and focused, and also are useful to help with sleep and insomnia issues. There are also many YouTube videos you can use for a more extensive yoga practice. Though I haven't done all of these myself, a search for Beginner Yoga turns up a nice list of all different teachers and lengths that you can try out. Click here for beginner yoga videos. Teachers such as Rodney Yee and Patricia Waldron are also good choices.
If you have any questions or would like me to talk you through a few breathing exercises and stretches. I'd love to connect. Feel free to email me at
Carol Allison

Carol Allison has been a yoga instructor at Vintage House since 2003 and a Yoga and Fitness Instructor since 1995. She is also a Massage Therapist/Holistic Health Practitioner and the proud owner baker of Alter Ego Sweets. 

Vintage House Delivers

In response to the CoronaVirus outbreak and state-mandated orders to shelter-in-place, Vintage House has launched a new initiative to address the growing need amongst Sonoma Valley seniors who are unable to leave their homes. 

Vintage House Delivers is here to help Sonoma Valley Seniors that are in need of a volunteer to do your grocery shopping, pick up a prescription or other non-food essentials such as pet food. 

To request a delivery or sign up as a volunteer shopper, please click here or call us at 707.996.0311. 

"VH did a great job, totally pleased, great communication, honestly I don't think there is any way to improve this service, all foods exactly what we requested, everything went perfectly, the shopper was delightful, thank you!"
Click Here to Request Delivery
Click Here to Volunteer Shop
Click Here: Safe Grocery Handling Instructions

Bobbie Jonas

Lessons of Byron Katie

Week three how do we deal with our fear? Moment by moment.  
Bobbie Jonas
Holistic Practitioner, Relationship Coach
Creator of "Your Magical Mind, Shift Your World"
A Place for Conversations that Matter
You can reach Bobbie at 707-227-6485 or by email to

Meditation with Katie

Come take a journey with Katie in the comfort of your home. 

During this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting to feel the emerging sense of community and interconnectedness. As we help each other through this, we must also take care of our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Please enjoy!
Click Here: Audio File

Shelter Sing-A-Long

Every evening at 7:00 pm KSVY 91.3fm will be playing an uplifting popular song, and we encourage you and all of your neighbors to sing along.
To sign up for this daily event click here.

“Let’s have some fun in our sequestered life,” said radio host Rick Wynne in announcing the idea. “Join us in a positive moment for everyone to share. Turn up your radios and enjoy the moment.” 

Here’s how it will work:

A bit before 7:00 pm turn on your radio to 91.3fm or click the “Listen Live” button at, or click on the KSVY app on your smartphone or (download it free from the app store), or ask your Alexa or another smart device to “play KSVY”.
Then walk out your front door and when the song begins sing along with your neighbors.

Tonight's song at 7:00 pm will be We Are the Champions 
Click Here: We Are the Champions Lyrics

Supper's On

Monday through Friday

Supper's On is now five days a week!
Vintage House will have Free packaged meals available for curbside pickup.
Meals are prepared and donated by Ramekins.

Monday through Friday 11:30 - 1:00

Redwood Food Bank

In response to the COVID-10, the Redwood Food Bank will be at Vintage Hosue twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 8:30 to 10:00.
Redwood Food Bank will distribute food drive-through curbside. 
Tuesday, April 7 • 8:30 to 10:00
Tuesday, April 21 • 8:30 to 10:00
Click Here: Redwood Food Bank Info

Pet's Lifeline

Pet's Lifeline is offering FREE pet food every Friday during our Soup's On event and during the Redwood Food Bank food give away event. 

Tuesday, April 7 • 8:30 to 10:00
Friday, April 10 • 11:30 to 1:00
Tuesday, April 21 • 8:30 to 10:00

Dedicated Senior Shopping Hours

Whole Foods: Seniors only seven days a week from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. 
To learn more about Whole Food's efforts and response to COVID-19 click here.

Sonoma Market: Seniors Only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 am to 8:00am.

Safeway: Seniors only Tuesdays and Thursdays from opening at 6:00 am to 9:00 am.
Click Here: Safe Grocery Handling Instructions

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