Your point of view matters.

Vintage House has recently begun a planning process to evaluate our services. We have engaged the consulting firm Sutherland Strategies to help guide us through this work. Sutherland Strategies specializes in strategic planning with nonprofits and foundations, and we are excited to have this kind of expertise on board.

To inform our planning, we are holding a round of focus groups to gain the community’s views and perceptions about Vintage House.

The focus groups will all be virtual via a Zoom link, and will be led by Christina Sutherland Mockler, Principal with Sutherland Strategies. The focus groups will last approximately 90 minutes and will be entirely confidential. Our consulting team will be preparing a thematic summary of the focus groups which will include quotes from participants or examples that they offer, but comments will not be attributed to any particular participant. These groups will focus on a small handful of questions that you will receive when the focus group begins; there is no preparation necessary.

As a volunteer for Vintage House, we invite you to register for the focus group on April 9 at 2pm by CLICKING HERE, or on the button below:


Alternatively, please call Priscilla Call Essert at 707-343-8612 to register by phone.

Thanks in advance for your help with this important project!


Priscilla Call Essert
Executive Director