Notice To All Residents:

Community Update

Dear Resident(s),

Last weekend we had some great weather and hope that everyone got outside for a while to enjoy the sunshine! We are finally starting to hear about the local authority's plans to reopen parks, beaches, and businesses, which is incredibly exciting! Let's make sure the entire Gateway community does its part to allow these openings to be successful. Us New Yorkers pride ourselves on being street-smart and aware; now is the time to apply these home grown skills to stay safe and allow our community to recuperate.

We truly appreciate everyone's continued cooperation as we all practice Social Distancing. Face coverings, Social Distancing, and Frequent Hand Washing will be key factors in NYC's success with loosening of restrictions.

Face coverings, face coverings, face coverings. When you are in a Gateway common area, a face covering is required. This includes indoor and outdoor common areas. Whether you had Corona virus and got better, tested negative, tested positive for antibodies, or think you are immune, you are putting yourself and your neighbors at risk. Please, please do the right thing and protect yourself and your neighbors! The laundry rooms are common areas, which means face coverings are required when using the laundry rooms.

If you smile when you have a mask on, it is still a smile!
Please join us tonight at 7:00pm as we honor our Healthcare, FDNY, NYPD, and all front line professionals. Wednesday nights are extra special at Gateway, as in addition to our front-line workers we honor each other. The Gateway Community has been uniquely kind and thoughtful during this crisis. We know it has not been easy for anyone, and we are grateful for the outpouring of generosity, compassion, and overall sense of community.

Tonight, lets keep the energy going and turn it up a notch again! Our resident trumpet player continues to impress! On Monday we got a treat with a rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Great job, and keep the hits coming!

Building Operations Update

Gateway building staff continues to hold up well. Our "Ironmen" are still leading our field operations on a daily basis. We greatly appreciate all of the kind words and gestures directed toward the Gateway building staff.

The building staff continues to focus on frequent daily cleanings of all high touch areas. We have ample protective equipment for all building staff, and a very good supply of hand sanitizer, medical grade disinfectants and bleach products to help us complete increased cleaning of all high-touch surfaces and common areas. These cleanings include disinfectant application processes such as Clorox 360 and Purify treatments in common areas, elevators, laundry rooms, and stairwells. 

Gateway Exterior Amenity Areas Update

The Roof Terrace & North Lawn Area will remain closed through this weekend. We will provide an update next week as to when we anticipate opening both spaces. Please note that when these outdoor amenities open, all requirements regarding face coverings and social distancing will be in effect in both areas.

By June 1st we will will also provide an update in reference to the Gateway Club and Pool.

What's Your Favorite Pizza Spot?

We had an awesome response to last week's email where we posed this question! Thank you to everyone who participated! Please review our list of the Gateway community favorites, in no particular order:

Rubirosa - Mulberry Street
Cucina Benne - Exchange Place
John's - Bleeker Street
Joe & Pats - 168th Street, 1st Avenue
Picasso - Gateway Retail Location
Inatesso Pizza Bar - West Street
Giovanni's - Midtown & Chelsea
Dinino's - Staten Island
Arturo's - Houston Street
Spumoni Garden - Gravesend, Brooklyn
Artichoke Basilles - NYC (try the artichoke slice!)
Emmet's - McDougal Street (Deep Dish/Chicago Style- so good!)
Giusepinna's - North Slope, Brooklyn


Remember, if someone tells you to put on a mask or face covering, wait for the next elevator, or step aside, it is a request that benefits all of us. 

Finally, a thought from our General Manager, Gregory Tumminia:
"Spending a lot of time alone during this pandemic, I have found that time and the way we use it is one of the greatest gifts we have in life. Simple activities like caring for elderly parents, going to a kid's soccer game or dance recital, hanging out with friends, going to the dog park, or exchanging pleasantries with a smile are taken for granted during our normal busy lives. Out of this lockdown has come the need to become a more appreciative, friendlier society. The years go by in a blink of an eye so don't waste time waiting for the perfect moment. Realize that small things we experience everyday are all special moments."


Gateway Residential Management

Song of the Week – Miss You by The Rolling Stones
... It's okay to turn this one up (responsibly), and if you are feeling frisky you can do the Mick Jagger strut!
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