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Covid-19 has slowed us down a bit but we have gotten into Zoom and are starting to organize that way as you'll see below.

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May - June Events

Our next information session is:
 May 26th, 2020, 7-9 pm - via Zoom. 

(Click poster image to register on Eventbrite)

Our next study meeting is:
 June 3rd, 2020; 7-9 pm  - via Zoom
Serious prospective members are welcome to join us. 
RSVP if you would like to come.
Kathryn McCamant, one of the foremost experts on cohousing in North America, did a webinar for Cohousing US in Nov 2019 on the "Stages of Cohousing Development". We will have a session to discuss some of the key points and issues covered in the webinar.

Our next business meeting is:
 June 10th, 2020, 6:30-9 pm - via Zoom. 
Serious prospective members are welcome to join us. 
RSVP if you would like to come.

Internal Meetings
Communications, Membership, Outreach & Process (CMOP); Legal / Finance and Site Search – These meetings are open to those on the membership track. If you have a suggestion for one of these specific groups, please get in touch!


Introducing ...

Jake Morrison
Jake is a member of the Concorde CMOP circle (Communications, Membership, Outreach and Process). He manages this newsletter.

Jake's work-life has been episodic, starting with being a student - and worker - in anthropology and archaeology, moving onto becoming a licensed carpenter and a small contractor and then to a 35 year career as a research technician in oil spill cleanup. 
Throughout his life he has done photography, first family and travel but increasingly to make pictures that matter, to find and arrange the beauty of the world. For the past 20 years he has moved along the periphery of the art-world, creating and displaying photographic prints, organizing photographic discussions, helping to firm up the local School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. He finds himself currently interested in making photo-based books.

The ideas of doing social change through personal work have always interested Jake. Cohousing is one of them and he was involved with Terra Forma Cohousing twenty-five years ago and now, as a senior, is again involved in cohousing - with Concorde Cohousing.



May Discoveries

Each month we highlight a resource from the web. With thousands of communities in the world and about 400 in North America, the resources are abundant!

This month we've been watching the webinars, where cohousing experts talk about various aspects of cohousing. We mention here the ones done by Kathryn McCamant, the most experienced cohousing consultant in North America:

  • WebChat #38: Katie McCamant
    Stages of Cohousing Development
    Cohousing development is a long and complex process which can be divided into stages. Each stage has different tasks and challenges and requires different resources and skills to navigate successfully. In this WebChat, Katie will describe the stages and what is needed to successfully complete each one.
    (Note that Concorde will be holding a Zoom discussion of this Webchat on June 3rd - see Events above)

  • WebChat #41 Katie McCamant
    Affordability: Lessons Learned
    As the person who has worked more cohousing project budgets (and seen them thru to completion) than perhaps anyone else in the US, Katie will review what makes it so hard to keep projects affordable. Almost every community starts out wanting to keep costs low and to be able to offer more affordable options. Katie will help us understand why they aren’t more successful in that aim. Katie is also very familiar with the affordable housing world of subsidies and the opportunities and limitations of that world. Katie’s goal, in all of her work, is to help cohousing groups increase their likelihood of success by building on the knowledge gained from the cohousing development over the last 30 years, while adapting to the needs of future communities.  

Concorde in the news:

Concorde member Mary Huang was interviewed in Spring by CKCU's Monique Fuller, along with Rebecca Aird, founding (and current) resident of Ontario's only completed cohousing project.  Listen HERE as they address questions such as:
  • Beyond the definition, what actually IS Cohousing?
  • Can it create more resilient communities?
  • Can one "build their own" retirement home?
  • What could (and should) governments do to facilitate this form of housing?
  • Is cohousing radical?
  • Can others in our city benefit from cohousing ideas or communities?  
The Ottawa Citizen
"Cohousing is a potentially key way to combat loneliness — but it's difficult to get off the ground"

Mary, Val, Margery, and Jake were interviewed in December for an Ottawa Citizen article by Joanne Laucius. She contacted us because of her interest in reporting on ways of dealing with loneliness in modern society. 



Happy to help.

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