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Conorovirus (Covid-19)

March 2020
Dear <<Preferred Salutation>>,
CrossReach is one of the largest voluntary sector organisations in Scotland providing a helping hand to people of all ages in their time of greatest need. In Christ’s name, we care through thick and thin and in geographical locations from Shetland to Galashiels to help people overcome their challenges by offering practical and emotional support and to help them know, that whatever their circumstances they are loved.
Our exceptional staff group and our volunteers are remarkable people going the extra mile, day after day, year after year, to serve the needs of others. They do so quietly with a spirit of kindness and compassion knowing that what they do brings hope and joy to others. Their value has recently been recognised as the nation took to its feet to clap for carers and the NHS on Thursday night. We have always known of their immense value. 
However we now find ourselves vulnerable. In these unprecedented times we are asking for your help.  Our staff, volunteers and those who use our residential services are also at risk from Coronovirus (Covid-19), but are unable to shield themselves from the virus by staying at home, and limiting contact. In this time of crisis, funding is uncertain and we have had to invest in redesigning services so that where it is possible we are able to keep in touch with people who need our help through investing in technology.  The helping hand of friendship is still outstretched but is in need of urgent protection to help us to continue to care.
You can make a difference in many different ways as shown in the articles that follow in this newsletter.  You can volunteer with us, help us by sourcing vital supplies, working for us in our crucial provision of care or by funding our work by making a donation.  Please consider supporting us in any way that you can in this time of need, and please hold our staff, volunteers and service users in your prayers.
Thank you.
Viv Dickenson
Chief Executive Officer


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Urgent Appeal
The rapidly changing situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us, and together, we are all facing challenging times. As a supporter of CrossReach, we urgently need your help today to continue providing our life-saving care services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in Scotland during this unprecedented healthcare emergency.

CrossReach provides residential care and other services for the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable just now. To protect them we need to be especially careful that any staff with the slightest hint of Covid-19 symptoms immediately self-isolate. This places huge pressure on the rest of the staff in the care homes and can involve employing agency workers to provide essential care. This all comes at an additional cost and places more strain on already stretched budgets. You can help provide the services needed for the elderly by donating today.

Many of our services for Children and Families have had to close as a result of the current emergency. This is a huge disappointment to the many children and families who rely on their time with us each week. To help the children who would normally use our services, our staff teams have been developing materials to still help the children while at home. With the extra materials come extra costs.  You can help provide these materials through making a donation today.

Many of our services for adults in vulnerable situations operate as drop-ins which have also had to close. Staff are seeking new ways to help support the people they care for but this involves additional cost.   They also care for some adults who live their lives in wheelchairs and rely on our staff for all the activities of daily life that we take for granted, a vital service at this time.You can help provide vital extra support through making a donation today.

Many of our normal fundraising events are cancelled leaving a significant shortfall in our expected income. You can help meet that funding gap!
We will use whatever you can manage to give where there is the greatest immediate need. Please consider making a single gift or a regular monthly donation to help us in this time of extraordinary need.

You can donate HERE.

We will also appreciate you praying. In addition to praying with the Prayer Diary, please pray for the health and well-being of those we work with, the CrossReach staff team and all our wonderful supporters.

Thank you for your support, both financially and by praying. We are especially appreciative of your support during this current emergency.
Pete Cuthbertson 
Donor Partnership Officer
Volunteer your skills today

We are living through an unprecedented time in modern history, and are already seeing many people, like you, rise to the challenge to help others.
At CrossReach, every hour of every day, a body of amazing volunteers support older people, children and families and vulnerable adults across Scotland.  Many of the people CrossReach help fall within the vulnerable group at risk from Coronavirus (Covid-19). We could not make a difference for these people without the vital support of the volunteers who support our staff and service users more than ever.
There are opportunities for you to volunteer in helping to deliver crucial services at this challenging time.  Volunteers can help in delivering activities, supporting adults with learning disabilities to understand and comply with social distancing measures, or making a phone call to someone feeling lonely and isolated.
Please consider volunteering for CrossReach now. We urgently need your help to support our staff so that they can continue to care for those we work with, many of whom are anxious, confused and frightened during this time.  All volunteer roles will be working within Government guidelines for Covid-19, so if you are not within a category defined by the Government as vulnerable, please contact us today.
For full details on volunteering for CrossReach, please see our website HERE.

Thank you.
Corinne Morrison-Gillies
Head of HR Operations and People Development

CrossReach Residential Services

With the country in lock-down, our residential services are limiting access to essential visitors only.
This means that, for our elderly residents, they will not have contact with their husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, for an unknown time. This can be a very lonely and confusing time for them. We are thinking of new ways for these residents to stay connected with their families. We have therefore invested in additional iPads to video-call their family ensuring they don’t feel socially isolated from their loved ones.

Activities coordinators, who would usually be taking those who use our services on outdoor activities, are being restricted to staying indoors, and adapting their activities to work indoors, using additional resources. Residents, who would usually go out and buy their toiletries are now unable to, raising questions about how we can keep them safe and supplied with enough toiletries.
Staff who can work from home are doing so. This has meant additional investment in laptops and mobile phones so they can continue with their day to day work as uninterrupted as possible.
While we are a large charity, our finances were already very tight prior to the impact of coronavirus. The impact of this and the need to divert money to maintaining front-line care services, means we need assistance, financial or otherwise, to help us deliver a real benefit to those in our care, throughout this difficult time.

Elizabeth Hay
Head of Service, Business Development

Push Up for CrossReach Fundraiser

We all want everyone to come out of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) period stronger with a bigger sense of community spirit!

Scotland, Britain and the world is preparing to go into lock-down as we battle against the spread of Covid-19, millions of people are facing up to the reality of isolation, dreading the thought of not seeing loved ones, family, colleagues and friends on a daily basis, over what will hopefully be a short period of time. However, the reality is that social isolation and loneliness is a daily reality for many groups of vulnerable people of all ages living throughout Scotland, impacting on their mental health and well-being. 
These people need our support now more than ever. They might be a child socially isolated due to parental drug or alcohol use. Or an adult socially isolated because of a mental health issues like depression, stress or anxiety. Or an older adult living with dementia in a care home, who, because of Covid-19, can no longer see their loved ones and friends, but may not understand why. We need to be there for them.
This is why we are asking you to take part in the Push up for CrossReach fundraiser #YouAreNotAlone

What is Push Up for CrossReach?

It is a push up challenge that increases daily, starting at any number of push ups on day one that you are comfortable with and increasing this by one each day Monday Thursday, by two on a Friday then having the weekend off before continuing on the Monday for a total of four weeks. Sample below

Please do record every day of push ups and share on Social media saying Day 1 of Push up for CrossReach, we are in this together, #YouAreNotAlone

To make this challenge as accessible to everyone as possible, please feel free to substitute a push up with something that suits your physical ability, but is still a "push" for you.

By posting on social media, family and friends will see that you are safe and well. You can do this challenge with friends or colleagues to make it more fun, so tag them in your social media posts and encourage them to join you in this fundraiser.

We ask that you start of your own fundraising with a recommended donation of £5!
Follow this LINK to take part.

We are in this together.

Contact Euan if you have any questions.

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