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January 2018
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"I know how to feel and talk about my emotions a lot better"
CrossReach's Sunflower Garden works to improve the lives of children within the City of Edinburgh who are aged 5-18 and affected by alcohol and/or drug use in their families. We do this through 1:1 counselling sessions or group therapy sessions.

Thanks to your support, in the last 12 months Sunflower Garden have been able to provide counselling support for 26 children through over 280 one-to-one counselling sessions .
By measuring and tracking the progress of the children’s mental health and wellbeing over the last 12 months we know that:
  • 75% have shown improvment in their emotional health
  • 81% say they are getting on better at school
  • 94% feel listened to at Sunflower Garden.
In addition, from feedback from the children’s parents/carers and teachers we know that:
  • 75% of parents/carers and teachers feel that their child is happier
  • 78% say their child’s behavioural problems has improved
  • 80% feel that their child is more supported from coming to Sunflower Garden
I think you will agree that these are impressive improvements. These improvements would not have been possible though had it not been for the financial, prayerful and practical support from individuals, like you. Thanks to you, there is a real difference to the lives of children and young people affected by alcohol and/or drug use in their family.
On behalf of the children and their parents, guardians
 and teachers, thank you for the difference you, together with the team at Sunflower Garden, are making.
To continue making a difference through Sunflower Garden,
please pray for the children and the Sunflower Garden team and donate. To find out about how you can donate, please contact Supporter Development on 0131 454 4374 or email us at

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Dementia Development and Research
"People (in CrossReach Dementia Services) LIVE and live well with dementia" Linda Kelly

Linda Kelly (pic) is CrossReach’s Dementia Development and Research Officer.
In the January 2018 edition of CrossReach News, Linda talks about her role. Read the full article, and the rest of CrossReach News, at
Christmas Card Competition
The Christmas Card Competition is NOW OPEN!

With 2018 now in full swing, it's time to be thinking of Christmas 2018!
In preparation for Christmas 2018, the CrossReach Christmas Card Competition is now open.
So it's time to get creative and send us your entries for this year's competition, which is open to all ages.
We will print the winning card and sell it in the 2018 Christmas Card and Calendar Catalogue.
Full information is available on the poster. To get your copy of the poster, download it here. For any other information, phone us on 0131 454 4374 or email us at

Counselling research undertaken by CrossReach Counselling
Jacqui Lindsay (left) and Anne Goldie (right) from CrossReach Counselling undertook some research into the outcomes from the counselling which CrossReach offer. This research is currently featured at MissionBox; a global online and connection hub for non-profits and charities.
Both Jacqui and Anne found the research "
energising and exciting”, as were some of the results. For example, a client, at the age of seventy, was able to finally move on with her life to the extent that, from living a very limited life that had always been shadowed by severe depression, she was able to travel to the developing world and work with children in an orphanage.
To read the adaptation of their work as featured, follow this link:

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It's good to talk...
There's only limited space here to let you know of the transformations you and CrossReach, together, are making in Scotland, and the opportunities to do more. We would love to come and talk to your Church, Guild or other group to let you know more about the exciting, life changing, differences being made, and how you can be part of it.
Phone us now on 0131 454 4374 or email and let's agree a date to talk.
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