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Conorovirus (Covid-19)
April 2020
Dear <<Preferred Salutation>>,

Here is a video to you from Viv Dickenson, CrossReach's CEO.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Urgent Appeal - update
In the previous eNews, I described how the Covid-19 pandemic was affecting the people who access CrossReach's services, appealing for your help and support. Since then, of course, the situation has moved on rapidly, sometimes changing daily. You, as readers of the eNews, have responded generously to the special appeal, and we are hugely thankful for your generosity so far. The need, however, continues.

CrossReach has been directly impacted by Covid-19. This has resulted in additional challenges for all of those we work with as well as our staff. Below is an update to let you know some of the impact of Covid-19, and how we have used the money you have given so far.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
CrossReach has residential services in over 50 locations across Scotland. They have all put in place additional measures to protect the residents and staff.

Each residential service is home to the people who live there. As part of our ethos, we are maintaining that home feeling as much as possible, while balancing it with the clinical needs of the current pandemic and the need to wear PPE.

Like most Social Care residential settings, CrossReach’s Care Homes were set up as homes, not clinical establishments. This meant we had to resource, from scratch, all these residential services with the necessary gowns, masks, visors and associated equipment. 

The other day, 25,000 masks arrived at our central distribution site and were sent out to our services that same day. This will be repeated regularly for the foreseeable future. These masks cost about 25 times more than they did just a few weeks ago!

Your donations are helping with the provision of PPE but much, much more PPE is needed.

Family visits
We’ve all had a tear in our eye as we watch Care Home residents who have not been able to be with, or to hug, their family. To help counter this in our residential services we are using digital technology (iPads etc.) to help maintain family connections. This comes at a cost for new technology and training staff to use it, as well as supporting residents to connect with their family. 

Your donations are helping provide this morale saving technology. More technology is needed.

Staffing and Volunteers
The amazing CrossReach staff team have really stepped up to the challenges they face daily. Without them, we simply could not care for the many people we do.

CrossReach's front line staff are, quite simply, super-heroes. And they are supported by an army of other super-heroes behind the scenes. But they are all human super-heroes who can also be affected by the virus, or whose families can be affected. This results in staff having to self-isolate. As our residents are our first priority, this can result in other staff or agency workers covering shifts, with resulting additional costs.
Your donations are helping with the cost of these additional shifts. More shifts need covered.

Volunteers are also helping hugely! Their willingness to do whatever they can is a massive help to our staff, and we are so grateful to them. To find out how you can join our wonderful volunteers, see HERE  or email or phone 0131 657 2000.

Please continue giving
Thank you again to all eNews recipients for your donations so far. Please do keep giving! We simply don't know how long the need will continue for, but certainly for the foreseeable future.  This means there will still be a need for your donations next week, next month, and as long this pandemic crisis continues. Some of you may also have received an appeal letter through the post. Please, do give.

The generosity we have witnessed so far from the many different people, churches and cafes etc. is wonderful. The need, however, is beyond anything we could have imagined.

We really do need you standing with us financially throughout the whole lifetime of this pandemic. Whether you have given before, or have never given, you can join with the many others who are giving and help by giving now. Every £10, £50, £100, £500 helps. Thank you.

Please, give what you can and be a blessing to those fighting so hard to be the physical representation of Jesus amidst this pandemic.

There are several ways to give:
You can give HERE right now.
Or you can send a cheque (payable to CrossReach) to:  Covid-19 Emergency Appeal, CrossReach. Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR
Or you can give by credit / debit card; call us on 0131 434 4374.
Or you can give by bank transfer: call us on 0131 454 4374 for our bank details.
Or you can set up a monthly standing order: call us on 0131 454 4374 for more details.

And please keep praying.
As the Apostle Paul says, "Brothers and sisters, pray for us." (1 Thessalonians 5:25)
In addition to praying with the Prayer Diary, please pray for the health and well-being of those we work with, the CrossReach staff team and all our wonderful supporters.

Thank you for your support, both financially and by standing with us in prayer before the throne of our Heavenly Father.
Pete Cuthbertson 
Donor Partnership Officer

Ways to fundraise for CrossReach's Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Are you missing not being able to do the Abseil, Kiltwalk, Zip Wire, Marathin Festival, or Golf? We still have 3 exciting ways you can fundraise for CrossReach in your home or garden during the lock down, and keep you fit both mentally and physically!

#1. Join the Push Up for CrossReach Challenge! Start with an amount of push ups you feel comfortable with and increase this by one each day over a four week period, posting a daily video log. Seek sponsors to see your muscles grow! See HERE for information.

#2. If the Push Up Challenge is a Push Up too far, you can join in the "Push Up for CrossReach Mini Challenge". Simply donate £5 to CrossReach, post a video of you doing five push ups and challenge three friends to do the same. Who has the best technique? See HERE for information.

#3. Or should I say, #2.6? Take part in the "2.6 Challenge". Do 2.6 laps of your garden, or bench press 26 kilo's 26 times, or eat 2.6 tins of baked beans! As long as it involves the number 2.6 (or multiples of it) you can do anything (within Covid-19 restrictions, obviously)! Ask friends and family to sponsor you or do their own challenge. See HERE for information.

We are in this together.

Contact Euan if you have any questions.

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