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December 2019

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Hi <<Preferred Salutation>>, welcome to the festive edition of the CrossReach eNews Newsletter.
We are fast approaching the most exciting day of our calendars as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
For those of us that have been caught up in the rush of preparing, shopping and visiting (like me!) and so may have forgotten to purchase Christmas cards, we have a final opportunity to do so. Charity Christmas cards a meaningful way to send Christmas wishes. You can purchase your exquisite CrossReach Christmas cards online HERE or call 0131 454 4374 where Fiona or I will take your order. You'll need to be quick though as last day for ordering Christmas Cards is Monday 16th December!
(CrossReach 2020 Calendars will still be available into January)
Your child's rights 

We assume everyone in the world has heard of it; it is the United Nations treaty signed by most countries in the world and has played a central role in improving the lives of children all around the world. It's The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989 to 2019 and it marked its official 30th Anniversary on 20th November. Celebrations took place all over the world, and representatives spoke out loud and clear, urging all nations to encourage collective responsibility for UNCRC to be implemented at all levels, and most of all, to include children in this discussion. 
Where does Scotland stand in incorporating UNCRC and how can we, the Church of Scotland, help?
On 20th November, Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced that Scotland will incorporate the UNCRC into national law to the maximum extent possible within the powers of the Scottish Parliament, by March 2021.
John Swinney said: “Every devolved body, every health board, every council and the Scottish Government itself will be legally obliged to make sure they respect children’s rights. And, if they don’t, children and young people will be able to use the courts to enforce their rights;” and he finished by saying, “I hope the example of Scotland incorporating the convention will spur the UK and other countries to follow suit.”
As Julie Harris, Director of Together Scotland, said, “All eyes are on Scotland.” 
But there’s still a way to go in terms of awareness and education around the rights of children and young people. Many children don’t know they have rights and those that do, do not know how to apply them. Children’s rights are currently just on paper, rather than something they experience, but together we can help change this. There’s a host of useful material available you can read by visiting and

Stamp it out!

Stamp out loneliness and social isolation in Scotland!
Sales of used new and old, UK and foreign stamps, postcards and medals will be used in 2020 towards some of our most important work in local communities by raising funds to bring people together and tackle loneliness and isolation through strategic projects.
Please send your trimmed stamps (4mm - 8mm trim), postcards and medals to:
Charis House,
47 Milton Road East,
EH15 2SR.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Over 100 amazingly kind people have braved events such as abseils, skydives, marathons, the Kiltwalk and zip wires in 2019 to raise vital funds. The funds raised have been used to deliver over 500 urgent counselling sessions for children and adults, deliver over 150 food packages, fund play sessions for very young children and provide over 1,000 cups of tea and a chat for our befriending services. 

Thank you!

Our 2020 events are waiting for you to book on!
Choose your next adventure HERE 

Spreading Festive Joy

We recently told you about Stacey at Perth Prison Visitors Support and Advice Centre (PPVSAC). Stacey, and others like her, will find it difficult over the Christmas period while their loved one is in prison. Financial struggles, feeling low, missing a loved one, depression; we all experience these at some time or other, and for those with a loved one in prison, it can be especially difficult over Christmas. 
We hope that, for the families that use PPVSAC, they will look back over this time and remember your care and love lifting them and giving them hope through Feel Good Packages.
Thank you so much to everyone that has already given. You can still give to this project. A donation of £5 will buy someone like Stacey a personalised Feel Good Package full of treats and gifts to lift low spirits and spread festive joy. Donate HERE now.

Thank you.

A final word from me
In the midst of festive celebrations we remember that some people, including CrossReach Care staff, and others, will work tirelessly throughout the Christmas period providing relief. May I encourage you to pray for both those working over Christmas and for those who are alone, living in poverty or suffering.

Can I also encourage you to send us your prayer requests. We all function better when we are working together. Our CrossReach team are privileged to receive your requests over this season and pray with you. Please send your prayer requests to

It’s been a pleasure to bring you our news and updates throughout 2019.

On behalf of all the team here at CrossReach, we all wish you a lovely Christmas, and pray God's blessing for you in 2020. 

Pete Cuthbertson
Donor Partnership Officer
It's good to talk...
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We would love to come and talk to your Church, Guild or 
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to let you know more about the exciting, life changing, differences being made, and how you can be part of it.
Phone us now on 0131 454 4374 or email and let's agree a date to talk.
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