The Case for Celebration 

One thing I’m guilty of - and I know I’m not alone - is overlooking causes for celebration.  I’m not talking about participation trophies given out just for showing up - I’m referring to not celebrating wins in life, no matter how small.  

This morning’s email is the 52nd consecutive Fident Friday.  As my wife can attest to with home projects, I’m a great starter and an average-at-best finisher.  So the idea of sending an email each and every week while running a new business was something that intimidated me.  Yet I did it.  I’m celebrating today.

There are elements of our finances we should celebrate as well.  

Sticking to a budget.  
Hitting that emergency fund goal.  
Knocking out that last (or first!) debt account.  
Buying that business. 
Getting that raise.  
Outgiving our generosity goal. 

If you’re like me - a lot of times when we hit a goal we either just look to the next one, or think of others we know who hit a larger goal.  This isn’t an encouragement to be complacent (by all means, go and get that new goal!), but take some time first and celebrate when we do get those wins.  

Doesn't have to be extravagant, or expensive.  Just celebrate.  
Interesting Resources 

1. Vanguard (Advisor site) - Help in Navigating Market Corrections 
Another week of ups and downs in the markets - this time without as many doomsday headlines.  Vanguard’s piece, originally published in February of this year, is another good reminder that these things happen - and it’s only when we’re lulled to sleep (like in 2017) with sleepy, steady inclines do we get woken back up to reality.  Vanguard looks at the market since 1980, and shows how during that time there were 11 corrections (10% or more declines) and 8 bear markets (20% or more declines).  What it added as an extra nugget was the correlation of big down days with big up days - showing how timing the market is so hard, i.e. I’m going to sell and get back in when it’s less choppy.  Really difficult to do.  

A new-to-me website that's been around for awhile and is brilliant.  You can write a letter to your future self, and have it delivered however soon or however far away you’d like.  What would you like to remind yourself of?  Your current struggles?  Your current wins?  Your current goals?  Write yourself a letter, and see how your future self receives it down the road.  

3. Harvard Business Review  - If Humility Is So Important, Why Are Leaders So Arrogant? 
The Wall Street Journal published an amazing article last weekend - The Best Bosses Are Humble Bosses (potentially behind a paywall, unfortunately).  HBR picked up on it and unpacked it a bit more (and isn’t behind a paywall).  My favorite excerpt: “We live in a world where ego gets attention but modesty gets results. Where arrogance makes headlines but humility makes a difference. Which means that all of us, as leaders or aspiring leaders, face questions of our own: Are we confident enough to stay humble? Are we strong enough to admit we don’t have all the answers?”
I told you what I’m celebrating, and I genuinely want to know what you’re celebrating today (or hope to celebrate soon).  Reply back and let me know, and let’s celebrate together!


PS - as you read this, you may have thought of someone who could be encouraged to celebrate the small wins.  If you think they’d find this email helpful, feel free to forward it to them - and think of ways perhaps you can celebrate together with them.  
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