Quitting vs Finishing

Recently I made the hard decision to step off from a voluntary role I’ve had for a long time. My life is full, borderline complex, and I was losing energy and focus. A primary reason why the decision was so hard is that I was framing it as either To Quit or To Not Quit.

I’m not a quitter. I believe in perseverance. In grinding it out. In demonstrating grit. 

But to what end? 

And then I thought about the decision within the framework of Finishing. 

The distinction between Quitting vs Finishing is easy in some areas - notably, ones with defined Finish Lines. A 5k race, a school semester, a work project, a Fident Friday. 

Other areas are much murkier, with no defined Finish Lines. Volunteer positions, paid jobs, investing, relationships. Some of these can be tricky to define - like relationships, but others you can create a finish line. Term limits for volunteers, internal commitments for your job, and accumulation targets for investing. 

And then, when invariably the times become challenging, you can ask if you are Quitting, or have you Finished? (And sometimes it is ok to Quit, even if you haven’t Finished.)

For me in this specific role, I reframed the decision from “Do I Quit?” to “Have I Finished?” And the answer to me became evident. I created a Finish Line, that didn’t exist before, and assessed if I crossed it. 

You can do this with money just as easily. Do you Quit (an investment philosophy, savings accumulation, debt reduction, working, etc.), or do you Finish? 
Interesting Resources 

1. All About Your Benjamins - To Save More, The Real Answer (Not Easiest) Is to Earn More
I loved Justin's straight forward thoughts on this. Too often when we talk about saving more, or paying down debt, or achieving other financial goals, the conversation starts and ends around ways to cut expenses. This only works to an extent - and the better, although harder, approach is figuring out ways to earn more. Obviously easier said than done - but cutting out those lattes from your budget isn't going to impact your bottom line as much as we think it might. 

This is my own latest project to launch. Long time Fident Friday readers will see some recycled content on there at first, but this is going to be a web presence outside of Fident to hopefully spur others to think about ways we all can align our values with our wealth. I still try and keep the articles brief, but relax the governor of 250 words. Feel free to go explore around and let me know your thoughts. CalCap will in no way replace Fident Fridays. The email conversations these weekly letters spur are some of my favorite times of my week - and a blog can never replace email when it comes to conversations. But I might include some articles from the website from time to time here if they seem to strike a chord with readers.

3. Twitter- Carl Richards (@behaviorgap) I chimed in here with some thoughts, and the conversation turned to what the Bible and Jesus had to say about the issue. Tons of sub-threads to follow if you know your way around Twitter. I'm biased, but I enjoyed the conversation.
What are your thoughts on Quitting vs Finishing? Any specifically coming to your mind? Feel free to reply and let me know. 

And a Happy Father's Day out to all the dads out there this weekend! 

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