Caught in Tomorrowland 

Seemingly every week, I have a conversation about the delicate balancing act of enjoying Today while preparing for Tomorrow.  

But a funny thing happened the other week.  Actually, funny isn’t the right word - sad, or even hypocritical might be more accurate.

I found myself caught living in Tomorrowland.  

Not so much in our finances - but in my time.  I was working crazy hours - going from morning to dinner, taking a break to play with the kids, put them to bed, and then back at it till 11 or 12 at night.  

Rinse. Repeat. 

In my mind, I was just putting in the work.  It’s just a season, right?  Do the labor now, enjoy the fruit later.

Except I couldn’t answer the question of when “later” really is.  I had no plan of what would actually need to happen for me to stop working so much.  

I was wasting precious Today moments thinking I was banking them for Tomorrow moments.  Those Tomorrow moments aren’t guaranteed - to any of us.  

I’ll save my words for how I’m trying to do this better - but my point is that it is so. darn. easy to live in Tomorrowland and neglect Today.  Even for someone who preaches this just about every week.  

Whether that relates to our money or to our time, every one of us has to be intentional in finding the balance of living in Today, while preparing for Tomorrow.  I’ve found everyone defaults to one side naturally - and it takes effort to move towards the other to find that sweet spot.

Here’s to that journey together.  
Interesting Resources 

1. Of Dollars and Data - Even God Couldn’t Beat Dollar-Cost-Averaging 
Lack of - umm - reverence aside (and possibly doctrine), this article was super fascinating.  Dollar cost averaging is a systematic way of investing a fixed dollar amount monthly, or quarterly, or even annually - regardless of what the market does.  It’s been proven time and time again as a better way than trying to time the market.  What this article showed - however, is what if you COULD time the market?  What if you knew exactly when the market was going to go low (and buy only then)?  Could you beat it?  Turns out - 70% of time, stretching back to the 1920's, even when you nailed the bottom PERFECTLY to the day, dollar cost averaging still wins.  And if you happen to be pretty close, but not perfect (missing the bottom by two months), your chances of outperforming dollar cost averaging drop to 3%.  

2. IRA Help - 6 Rules for Tax-Free Roth IRA Distributions
Going on 13 years in this industry, and I still have to double check from time to time when you can take out your Roth money without penalty.  Great summary here from Ed Slott’s team on the times, reasons, and parts of the account regarding when you can take money out of your Roth IRA.  
What's your default?  Is it easier for you to live in Today, or live in Tomorrow?

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