What If I'm Wrong?

The other week my always-inquisitive six year old was badgering - err, asking - me questions about the speed of light.  The concept of a light year gets really deep when trying to explain it to a child.  

It got to the point where I was beyond my limited knowledge of physics, and my “I don’t know, buddy” answers weren’t sufficient.  So I speculated a bit (which I disclosed to him).  

The conversation got me thinking - what if I’m wrong?  Will I disqualify myself as an educated parent he can trust?  Will I squash his inquiring mind?  Will he ever even remember this conversation?  (No, hopefully no, and probably not).

It’s a good question to ask ourselves though as we make decisions.  We arm ourselves with as much knowledge, counsel, and data as we realistically can, make an effort move past analysis paralysis, and just make a decision.  

And then we should ask: What if I’m wrong?

What if the stock market doesn’t do what we think it will do?
What if I don’t receive that bonus I’m expecting?
What if the new job doesn’t pan out?
What if our child doesn’t want to go to college?
What if eating an apple a day truly doesn’t keep the doctor away?

I’d wager to say 95% of the time, the answer isn’t as devastating as we think it could be.  But even if it is, we should have a fallback plan to rely on if indeed we are wrong.  

Interesting Resources 

1. Wait But Why - Life is a Picture, But You Live in a Pixel 
The whole balancing act of living in Today vs Tomorrow is a regular conversation I find myself having with clients.  This article here unpacks it in a unique way.  Jack is dating Today, but he’s really got his eye on the Today after Today.  That’s when he’s going to be happy.  From the article, “Jack sees his life as a rich picture depicting an epic story and assumes that the key to his happiness lies in the broad components of the image.  But this is a mistake, because Jack doesn’t live in the picture’s broad strokes, he lives at all times in a single pixel of the image—a single Today.” 

Thinking in my space, I find clients too often living in Tomorrow (retirement, the new house, the new job, the new car) and neglecting Today.

2. A Wealth of Common Sense - Why Doesn’t the Stock Market Care About the News?
Great piece (again) from Ben Carlson, this time dissecting the avalanche of “bad events” that has happened in this most recent stock market run - from trade wars, to China’s “hard landing,” to Brexit, to interest rates.  Because we as humans are pattern-seeking creatures, we want to know things ahead of time.  The market doesn’t work this way.  Yes, this stock market run will eventually have a downturn, but you won’t hear about it ahead of time in the news.  

Bonus: Loop - Habit Maker app
Last week I talked about the power of doing small things.  I recently started using a new app called Loop - Habit Tracker that has a super clean interface and functionality to it.  You stipulate how many daily habits you want to track, and in an easy and non-annoying way you track them.  The app does the rest with reporting and visuals.  I happen to have 10 things (shown below - and don't judge me!), that I want to try and do each day (or 5 out of 7 days) that line up with annual goals.  If you’re looking for a system to help you do the small things regularly, it’s definitely a great option.  (Only available for Android, but Habit-Bull is evidently a good alternative for iOS).  

Do you ask yourself the question, What if I’m wrong?  If so - what were some real life examples?  If not - do you see the value in it?  

On the other hand -  I could be wrong in even thinking that it’s valuable to ask if I could be wrong.


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