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Raise your hand if you’ve been a longtime Fident Friday reader and have seen this sketch before. 

You can put your hand down. A fair warning: I’m not going to say anything new this week (but I am going to make a new request at the end). 

Somebody once said it’s impossible to over communicate the truth. I’m going to take that anonymous source at his or her word and remind ourselves of a very helpful truth - we should only focus on things we can actually control and that actually matter. 

There are a lot of things outside our control, and there are a lot of things that don’t matter.

A partial list of them:
The presidential election
Daily/weekly/monthly stock market movements
Political bickering

And there also are a lot of things within our control, and a lot of things that do matter. 

A partial list:
Our personal relationships 
Our savings rate
Our asset allocation
Our emergency fund savings

The first list seems paralzying - so much at stake! So much outside our control! What should we do? 

I propose the answer lies within the second list. Anytime we feel a loss of control regarding external events, double down on our effort and energy towards internal events. 

Simplistic? Yes.
Popular? No. 
Easy? Maybe. 
Effective? Yes. 


Interesting Resources

John Stuart Mill
"I have observed that not the man who hopes when others despair, but the man who despairs when others hope, is admired by a large class of persons as a sage."

When You Have Enough, It's Time to Help Others
7 min read | NY Times
While the entire article is good, I would argue that you can define "enough" far sooner in life than later - and thus feel more free to be generous to others along the way. My favorite portion:

While I followed all the advice I had been giving over the years — such as save aggressively for retirement with most, if not all, of your money in stocks when you are young — what I realize now is that my guidance was insufficient. It needed to include an end goal.

The goal could have been time based. “I want to stop working at 62, 66, 70,” or whenever you choose. Or it could have been tied to a specific monetary goal. “I need to save $750,000. That will be enough to let me stop working and still live the way I want.”

Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?
Few minutes (Infographic) | Visual Capitalist
As someone all-too-familiar with impostor syndrome (IS), this rang true. I've actually never seen IS broken out into 5 different categories - the Expert, the Soloist, the Natural, the Superman/woman, and the Perfectionist. Impostor Syndrome is essentially feeling like you're a fraud at what you do and will eventually be "found out" as such. I evidently end up as the Expert version of IS. If you run through this, I'd love to know your thoughts and your result. 
So now that we covered an old but true topic, I want to make a new request: help me battle the Google/email demigods flagging Fident Friday as Promotions/Spam. 

This week actually marks 3 years of Fident Fridays without missing a single week - and not in a single one of those weeks have I promoted anything or made a sales pitch. However, Fident Friday still finds itself on the wrong side of the almighty email algorithms. 

Could you do me a favor? Google seems to be the arch antagonist here, so if you're a Google user: 
  • Drag this email from "Promotions" to "Primary" inbox.
  • Add me as a contact. Click the three dots and "Add Jeremy to Contacts List."
I've researched this issue for over 3 months after numerous of you have sent me screenshots of this going to Promotions (and spam in other email providers). I've done pretty much all that I can on my end, and now ask for your own assistance. 

Together, we can defeat the algo. Maybe :) 

Lastly - can you simply reply back and let me know simply if this specific email landed in Promotions/Spam or was delivered to your general/primary mailbox?

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