The Squiggly Path Forward

Think of an accomplishment in your life.  Seriously - take a moment.  I’ll wait.

[I’m serious.  Don’t keep reading until you think of one.]

Ok.  Good.  Thanks.

Now think about how it was accomplished.  Was it instantaneous?  Probably not.  Was it easy, or hard?  Maybe both, depending how you frame it.  Was the journey towards it as straightforward as you thought?  Chances are, it wasn’t.  

As I reflect on my own journey, made up of individual achievements, accomplishments, and goals, it’s pretty squiggly.  There were a lot of turns I didn’t see coming.  A lot of valleys that seemed deeper than they should have been.  It was anything but a straightforward march.

Graduating college.  Finding a career.  Starting investments.  Getting married.  Building a family.  Buying a house.   Launching a business.  None of these went exactly as I planned them to go - but they’ve all turned out pretty well.

We have the benefit of hindsight in seeing past accomplishments, achievements, and goals in the rear-view mirror, and can see their twists and turns and valleys and peaks.  But for some reason, at least for me, we’re always surprised when our current or future accomplishments, achievements, and goals don’t go quite as smoothly.

They’re squiggly.  They always have been.  And they always will be.  And it can be frightening in the moments when we forget.

Here’s to more squiggles and more goals for the coming year.  
Interesting Resources 

1. Brass Ring Daily - Your No Regret Money Purchase
Not a typically financially related newsletter, but one that I read almost daily.  This issue really struck a chord with me.  The question: What are some things you never regret spending money on?  This is such a fantastic question, because it can help us answer the sometimes difficult question of why money is important to us.  It helps dig at our own values, which are most likely different than our neighbors.  Maybe it’s giving.  Maybe it’s a vacation.  Maybe it’s Passenger coffee.  The answer to this question can illuminate what you value and what you would like more of in your life.  

2. Trello - What’s Microproductivity?  The Small Habit That Will Lead You to Big Wins
A very strong possibility of confirmation bias here, because I’ve noticed tremendous success in my own life when I started using Trello to keep track of my tasks and projects.  Microproductivity is a system of breaking down tasks into bite size pieces, and helps us see overwhelming lists as more approachable and doable, and reduces procrastination and being overwhelmed.  (In fact, in addition to a host of other tasks, I composed this and every other Fident Friday with a Trello recurring task that breaks it down into 6 micro steps.) 

3. A Wealth of Common Sense - Updating My Favorite Performance Chart for 2018
We’ve all seen these “quilt” charts that show the best to worst performing asset classes over certain years, and Ben updates this one for all of 2018.  It wasn’t exactly a great year for anything, with the exception of cash.  He then shows the 10 year annualized returns as well.  The point is to drill home the importance of diversification.  I love the final line: “Diversification feels useless in any given year but it remains one of the best ways to manage risk over the long-term, the only time horizon that matters to investors.” 
What’s squiggly in your life?  


PS - because a fair amount of folks are asking - I still am taking on new clients (especially those referred from existing Fident Family members), but I’m holding off on starting those relationships until some current new clients are fully onboarded with a full financial plan.  If you have someone in mind, please do pass on my information but give them a heads up it might be a few months till we can start, but I'd love to have a phone call in the meantime.  Thanks! 
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