Be Like Buzz, Not Like Woody

According to my navi-computer, the--

Just shut up!  Shut up you idiot!

Sheriff, this is no time to panic.  

This is the perfect time to panic!

This scene with Buzz Lightyear and Woody in the original Toy Story has forever been ingrained in my mind since I was a kid, and it recently resurfaced watching the stock market do it’s thing on Monday and Tuesday this week.  

Tuesday morning as the market opened I watched for far too long - and Woody’s panicked voice was ringing in my head.  This is the perfect time to panic!  Do something!  

February was rough.  The market climbed back.  October was rough.  And now this.  

But I reminded myself that long-term investing in the stock market is simple - but it’s not easy.  What’s easy is to think now is the time to panic and to do something frantic, but as Buzz wisely said - this is no time to panic.  Sometimes taking a step back, looking not at year-to-date or 1 year figures - but 3 year, 5 year, 10 year and even 40 year figures is what we need to do.  Because most of us aren’t living on our investments within 12 months.  We need them around for far longer than that, and the stock market rewards those who have the patience not to panic.  

Thanks, Buzz.  
Interesting Resources 

1. Ben Carlson - Surveying the Damage in Stocks
If you like a lot of colorful and super detailed graphs, give this a read.  Ben unpacks the damage in various sectors and regions of the stock market recently - and it’s certainly not pretty.  The crazy volatility in the technology/communications sector especially is mind boggling.  And then, as usual, he provides great perspective by zooming back out to three years and showing how even with this year (which is about flat in the US) there’s substantial growth.  

2. Pittsburgh Dad - Dad Reacts to Steelers vs Jaguars (Week 11)
I’m not even going to attempt to make a parallel to finance here - this is just one of my favorite creators out there, and it's also a holiday week.  There’s a slight chance that if you’re not familiar with Pittsburgh culture or a Steelers fan you’ll keep a straight face - but I laugh out loud pretty much at every one of his videos.  If you laughed, go back and look at his other ones as well - the Patriots game last year is one of my favorites.  
Happy Thanksgiving week again.  I’ve got one challenge for you this weekend.  Give a loved one an extended hug.  Like an awkwardly long, 30 second hug, so long they might verbally ask what’s up.  I was reminded a few times this week how uncertain life is with our loved ones - so let’s soak up with gratitude the time we do have with those around us.  

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