Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
Each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire educators, parents and other caregivers
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
Classroom teachers, thanks for all you're doing to support the development of safety and belonging in your learning space. There are also many additional staff in our schools who help hold it together. These people are in and out of multiple classrooms and/or work with or on behalf of the majority of the students. I consider people on this non-exhaustive list the glue: office staff, cafeteria workers, educational assistants, custodians, playground supervisors, interpreters, specials teachers, administrators, volunteers, counselors, nurses, parents, etc. Many of you interact with different adults and children all day long. I reflected on the contributions and chemistry among the many members of the school community/organization as I wrote this newsletter.
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Many hands
working together
make the world
a better place.

Know Your Values

It is very likely that your school/organization has a mission statement, special acronym or list of words associated with desired qualities. Many of you have memorized those words and are diligent about recognizing how you demonstrate the stated ideals. You then look for those qualities in others and verbalize your appreciation.
Above: Northside Elementary School uses PRIDE as a reminder of their values for the school community. Below: Imagine Desert West Elementary School introduced their mascot DRAKE with the acronym: Demonstrate Resilience And Kindness Everyday.


Often, when supervising youth in large group situations we have a tendency to be drawn to those who are not following the rules to a greater degree than those who are. Be sure to recognize the greatness you see. Chances are high that kids not following expectations are signaling a need for relationship and skill building. With NHA we work to shift attention to what's right and our goal of building Inner Wealth (TM).
In the moment, you may need to reset and reframe. Then, think baby steps as you develop relationships and foster learning behaviors. Use creative recognitions to set up a next small step to support skill building and a sense of belonging.
Check your 3 Stands. Tune into the energy and availability of students. If you've established strong Stands 1 and 2, reset the child(ren), unplug briefly, then acknowledge the self-correction. Similarly, you might give a small request and notice movement in that direction. For example, "Morgan, I need your attention," followed by "I see your eyes," or "I noticed that you heard me; that's what I'm talking about." Or, "Let's all take a breath with our hands to the sky," followed by, "There's Jordan. I see you, Jayden. Teamwork, let's all do it again."

We're building skills and looking for small shifts toward personal and social awareness. This is not about quick fixes or controlling kids. NHA is all about a long-term commitment to foster inner wealth through authentic appreciation and intentional use of our relational energy. Celebrate your baby steps, too!


As I mentioned above, many adults enter classrooms throughout a school day, often without knowing what preceded their arrival, and must be skilled at reading energy. Some are uncertain about the most helpful way to interact with the teacher or students to support the developing classroom culture. Additionally, many students struggle with transitions and some dysregulate when new people enter the room. We can teach students about flexibility, attentiveness and sensitivity by making transition strategies and expectations clear. Children also learn from observing adult to adult communication as we model warm greetings, introductions, clarifying questions and recognitions. 

Additional thoughts about transitioning from space to space:

  • Start with the question, "What’s right?"
  • Agree that adults will acknowledge one another with appreciation.
  • Use the transition as a chance to restate expectations and highlight rules being followed.
  • Remember authenticity and a focus on inner wealth!
This quote has me thinking about how we might examine some of the implicit messages we give about the roles of various people throughout our organizations. I encourage every adult to step up and claim your greatness in support of the larger community. Read more from Gloria Ladson Billings here.
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