Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
I believe each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire leaders, parents, caregivers and educators
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
I use a variety of props in my trainings that I incorporated into my teaching. I share some of ideas below with the hope of stimulating your creative energy to prop up your NHA practice.
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Propping Up My NHA

Eye-Popping Awesome

When I first read the expression "You're eye-popping awesome!" in an NHA book, The Inner Wealth Initiative (2007), I could not imagine myself saying it. This alternative to saying thank you was much too saccharine for my style. Finding this EyePopper squeezable soft foam shooter from Hog Wild changed my tune in a big way.

Blasting eyeballs and accompanying recognitions across the room to fourth and fifth graders was eye-popping awesome! This toy helps keep my mind and heart open to possibilities which is also eye-popping awesome. At some point I had students decorate more eyes as a celebration of greatness.


Incorporating mindfulness practices into my teaching was another complement to NHA that I needed to grow into. A few ways I was able to slow myself and students down included props that drew attention to breathing and gentle stretching.
I began with the rainbow breather (click here for directions video) then added the Slinky, Hoberman Spheres and other breathing techniques (square, waterfall, etc.). For a while I modeled, as needed, by taking my own breaths, then I asked the kids to join me. "Let's just take a few breaths together....Inhale.....Exhale..." 

Energy Graph

I used a tool designed for illustrating fractions and percentages to invite students to help take responsibility for the energy in our classroom.

Two interlocking paper plates became our gauge for showing how much positive and negative energy was perceived at any given time. In addition, students collected data reflecting the climate of the room as we pursued the goal of 6 positives to 1 negative interaction. 

Mind Jars

Glitter glue and water in a jar served as a reminder to settle ourselves. The colorful cloud of glitter in the shaken jar illustrates the dysregulated brain, or amygdala hijack, that can happen to anyone at any time. Calming ourselves to get back on track is a life skill. Watching the sparkles flutter through the water can be peaceful and soothing. The mind jar also sparks conversation and helps normalize the need for reset strategies. 

Symbols and Metaphors
Visuals have supported my learning of the NHA. On occasion, I painted just one thumbnail silver, symbolizing a mirror, reminding me to start with myself. NHA is a process of attending to how I respond to circumstances, events and relational energy rather than something I implement to change others. 
My silver nail helps me to think about how I reflect energy. Mirrors are an excellent reminder to reset to positivity and to use affirming self-talk, especially when you're learning something new!

In trainings, I sometimes don my referee jersey, grab a clipboard and a pom-pom to explain my roles as I implement the NHA with children. I am a referee with the job of clarifying and implementing the rules in a fair and un-energetic way. I am a coach, responsible for teaching and inspiring greatness. And I am part of the cheering squad, always looking for what's right. Many NHA trainers call on these symbols to capture the gist of the Three Stands working together. These objects hung in my classroom to support my efforts.

My "Mind the Gap" sign reminds me to pause and find the space between feeling an emotion and responding to it. This warning, from the United Kingdom, alerts rail passengers to be cautious of the spacial gap between the train door and the station platform. It helps me slow down as well as appreciate those who already choose wisely in the throes of chaos. 
The best leaders...
almost without exception and at every level, are master users of stories and symbols.

~ Tom Peters
Ideas Welcome!!
Again, I share the above examples as an invitation to cultivate creativity. While these ideas are not part of the NHA curriculum, these extensions are ways I've personalized the content to reinforce and extend learning. What props and symbols are you integrating into your NHA practice? Please send photos and I will share them in future newsletters.
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