Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
I believe each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire leaders, parents, caregivers and educators
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
These unprecedented times require creativity and compassion. NHA is “miracle grow” for all of the inner wealth being demonstrated as the COVID-19 pandemic is calling on us to be our best selves in the face of quarantine, physical distancing and all manner of emotional intensity. My newsletter nuggets and resources are intended to be useful to any NHA practitioner. This is NOT a substitute for NHA training. Subscribe now!
Creativity and Compassion

krē´ a tiv ǝ tē


  • the ability to create
  • the quality of being
  • a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed
  • the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work
kǝm´ pa shǝn



  • feelings of kindness and care for another
  • empathy plus action
  • sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it
I share the word clouds above as a reminder to exercise your creativity and compassion to call out the positive qualities you see!
Many Ways to Show Up
At a time when our health and safety are under threat, I think it’s safe to say ALL of us are in a pandemic situation we’ve never seen before, and we are coping in unique ways. Social media is an important vehicle for sharing which presents the ever present temptation for comparing. If you’re inclined to scroll (thank you for reading!), I urge compassion instead of comparison.
There are many reasons we show up with different strengths and talents. As the array of first responders and front line workers must, whatever your situation, thank you for taking stock in your gifts and using them to creatively and compassionately approach the challenges at hand. 

When thinking through this issue, I considered making a list of ways to express creativity that call on multiple intelligences. Instead I urge you to find those on social media (maybe set a timer!) and consider how Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences applies to the ways in which people are documenting their ability to create and cope. 

Existential intelligence hasn't quite met all of Gardner's criteria to make the list. I included it as a way of acknowledging that theories change and evolve through review and critique.

The number of creative exercise routines and art projects I’ve scrolled by the past weeks has been inspiring. The vulnerable reflections about personal feelings as well as relational dynamics and work from home tales are heartfelt and informative. Kindnesses regarding support with childcare, financial donations, groceries, outreach to the incarcerated, teaching ideas and volunteer opportunities show our thirst for connection, community and collaboration.

The humor about homeschooling, toilet paper and sanitizing offer much-needed laughter, light-heartedness and amusement. Offerings of musicians from preschool to professional is medicinal. I hope it is safe to walk in your neighborhood. During my efforts to get fresh air, I am grateful for waves from strangers as well as the sidewalk chalk and window decorations promoting hope and joy. These efforts are making a positive difference in so many ways. We all have different strengths and talents to bring to this mix. Please, shine on!!


Sadly, the April 18, Stevens Point freebie is canceled and planners are working with the Children's Success Foundation to find ways to creatively support people to prepare for the not yet canceled July CTI (see below). 
Nurtured Heart Approach
Certification Training Intensive with Howard Glasser

July 19-24, 2020
Fluno Center
601 University Avenue
Madison Wisconsin
Complimentary Conversations
I believe the NHA has an important role to play during this time of global reset. I am highly motivated to hold Zoom meetings and phone conversations to connect and support. These informal conversations might include reflections about: Coping with the many unknowns, personal and relational dynamics, NHA content, Inner Wealth™, etc. Please use the link below to schedule or send me an email inquiry.
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With gratitude for humanity.

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