Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
I believe each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire leaders, parents, caregivers and educators
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
In this issue of the SFW newsletter I share NHA related takeaways from keynote speakers at a 2.5 day Dream Summit hosted by American Family Insurance in early October. DreamBank is an inspirational space here in Madison, Wisconsin that is all about celebrating the transformative power of dreams. I am grateful for the opportunities and connections I've made at this incredible place. My newsletter nuggets and resources are intended to be useful to any NHA practitioner. This is NOT a substitute for NHA training. Subscribe now!
Thoughtfully Fit®
Darcy Luoma
Darcy Luoma created Thoughtfully Fit to help others improve effectiveness, achieve balance and strengthen relationships. She shared parallels between training the physical core and the cognitive core to make every move easier. The key elements of her self-coaching model are: PAUSE, THINK, and ACT (in this order!).

PAUSE to take a moment to get off auto-pilot.
THINK to ask thoughtful questions.
ACT to take the next step...thoughtfully.

For NHA practitioners PAUSE resonates with the self-reset: Unplug, step away, take a breath, count to 10, drink some water, etc. 

Darcy Luoma suggests that we THINK of questions that would create new awareness and shares these tips for effective questions:

  • Short (5-7 words)

  • Start with How or What 

  • Open-ended to encourage reflection

Once you have new awareness, ACT. In NHA this includes a welcome back to the new moment. 
Goals, Habits and Change
Pelin Kesebir, PhD

Pelin Kesebir addressed goal setting and healthy habits for lasting change. Goals with meaning, order and purpose lead to more progress. She outlined guidelines with reflective questions to help us set goals. 

Self concordance - Set goals conducive, aligned and authentic to you.

  • What brings me alive?
  • How can I own my goals?

Attainability - Attend to difficulty so goals are achievable and possible. 

  • What would improve the situation by 5%?
  • What is one small step?

Content - Focus on relationship, personal growth and contribution (not on approval or external validation).

  • How do I want to feel?
  • What is my best possible self?
In addition to recommending the best possible self written narrative activity from Greater Good, Pelin Kesebir also suggested making the future self more vivid by answering the following prompts through journalling:
⦿  Write a goal
⦿  Give a timeline
⦿  Describe a specific plan including
     when, where and how
⦿  Visualize the outcome and
⦿  Imagine obstacles and write them
⦿  Write if...then...statements
Finally, she recommended revisiting goals often and revising as needed, reminding us that growth is not a linear process. I think often of my NHA goals and value the encouragement to visualize with a focus on how I want to feel in relationship with others as I live the Three Stands(TM): No to Negativity, Yes to Positivity, Absolutely Clear.
Manage Energy Rather Than Time
Shilagh Mirgain, PhD
In this talk Shilagh Mirgain emphasized self-care and energy concepts that resonate deeply with NHA. She outlined 5 aspects of self-care: 1) prioritizing, 2) reducing stress, 3) getting enough sleep, 4) attending to exercise and diet, and 5) being mindful of our thoughts.
Among the breathing exercises shared was the message "Don't just fly, SOAR!" during moments of stress:
  • Stop, pause and connect with your breath
  • Open up and soften your body
  • Awaken awareness of the moment without judgment or identification
  • Respond from this deeper, grounded place
The gift of the NHA reset asks us to do the same.
Create Your Version 2.0
Mark Metry
Mark Metry focused on holistic wellness to fuel his message:
Use your life force
to make a positive difference in the world.
Intensity is our life force and NHA teaches us to use it well. Check out Mark Metry's Humans 2.0 podcast. I have enjoyed listening to his interviews with thought leaders as well as his reflections about mental, physical and spiritual health.
Be Uncommon
Janine Stange
Honoring veterans and calling on Theodore Roosevelt's words of wisdom, Janine Stange emphasized a sense of NOW with her message to live your unique life mission. Celebrate your greatness. Be YOU. Be uncommon!
Happy Thanksgiving

I share the above with gratitude for the opportunity to attend the inaugural Dream Summit. I am grateful for these speakers, the Dream Team at DreamBank, and I am...
grateful for you!
The Nurtured Heart Approach is copyrighted material belonging to Howard Glasser and the Children's Success Foundation.
As stated above, the material in this newsletter is not a substitute for NHA training.
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