Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
Each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire educators, parents and other caregivers
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
This newsletter issue is intended to support parents practicing the NHA® in their families Thanks for your love and commitment to your kids.
My goal is to publish regular newsletters, each time with a specific focus group in mind. I will include nuggets and resources useful to any NHA practitioner. This is NOT a substitute for NHA training. Subscribe now!
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Nurturing Hearts Heroes

November 28, 2017

Stoner Prairie Elementary School

5830 Devoro Rd. Fitchburg, WI

The Verona Area School District sponsored a "Nurturing Hearts Heroes" (Heroes) group last school year. Heroes are parents who have taken a Nurtured Heart Approach training and want to meet to tune up their practice. We offered meeting topics and a  sign-up option via email invite and a Heroes webpage (2017-2018 schedule forthcoming).
My co-trainer, Gail Anderson and I are working with parents, Molly Filler and Anna Dziubla, to revive the group and want you to participate! There are currently no fees associated with the group, and we are working to have volunteers on site to support childcare needs. Please sign up to attend our first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year using the link below! Our topic on November 28 is Reset and Renew.
Register for November 28

Breathe and begin again....Celebrate your success as you work on your own reset and refuse the temptation to use sarcasm, raise your voice, or scold your child. Take time to feel a renewed sense of purpose and intention as you work to be clear and break your expectations into manageable steps.

While the end goal is to administer a simple reset to children, it takes time to introduce this process, especially if you're working to change your default from negative to positive. 

Becoming strong with the first two stands of NHA helps the reset have its intended impact which is to have the child experiencing success as soon as possible. With "no to negativity" and "yes to positivity" we want children to learn there is no longer anything to be gained by breaking rules. 

On this journey, we need you to feel the sense of renewal that starting over offers. As we have success with our own reset, the children are watching and learning which opens the door to offering the gift and skill of reset to them.

What's right with this picture?


Dinner time questions

How were you brave?
How were you kind?
How did you fail today?

I refer to Megan Conley’s HuffPost article, We Ask Our Kids The Same 3 Questions Every Night in many of my workshops. Celebrating regular acts of bravery, kindness, and resilience helps us call up these attributes when we really need them. Conley describes kindness as “leading with understanding and becoming stronger for others,” and she reminds us that if we seek success, we need to become secure in the face of failure.

Asking these questions and answering them yourself can support children’s emotional development. We need to help children and youth feel safe with their emotions because feelings are a fact of life. Kids benefit from insights about how we manage situations and find healthy ways to express ourselves. They also learn from seeing our responsible displays of strong emotion and hearing our stories. And we can certainly learn from listening.

I Need you to....

I've received questions about how to implement NHA when your spouse hasn't been trained or maybe isn't "on board". Try "I need you to" statements such as:
  • I need you to support me...
  • I need you to listen and see how it goes as I try this...
  • I need you to stay silent tonight when I help Stevie with his homework...
  • I need you to try "I notice..." statements with me, etc. 
State whatever it is that you need from your partner and then recognize the effort and support you receive. Ideally, this can set the stage for reflective conversations about supporting your kids. It is very effective to help others learn the approach by modeling it. 

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The Nurtured Heart Approach is copyrighted material belonging to Howard Glasser and the Children's Success Foundation. As stated above, the material in this newsletter is not a substitute for NHA training.
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