Tapping inner resources using the Nurtured Heart Approach®
I believe each of us has unique inner gifts to share with the world. I want to:
  • inspire leaders, parents, caregivers and educators
  • celebrate inner resources, and
  • share the journey of learning and living the Nurtured Heart Approach®.
I'm currently enrolled in a 21-day "Wonderhunt" led by Kim Kotecki through Escape Adulthood. Participants are given a daily photo challenge and reflection prompts, then interact in an online forum. I am amazed at how this is helping me to be more attentive and positive. I'm sharing some of my photos and reflections below as they relate to the Nurtured Heart Approach. This is NOT a substitute for NHA training. Subscribe now!
Share Sensations through Selfies 
The challenge: Capture a picture that shows how you are feeling. When I took the shot of a bursting milkweed plant, I felt full, optimistic, soft and shiny.  

When it comes to feelings, we get to choose how we act in response to them. I recently found a quote scribbled on some notes (source unknown): "It is what it is...It becomes what we make it." NHA Stand 1: acknowledge negativity and make mindful choices about your energy in relation to it. NHA Stand 2: claim your inner wealth.
Another selfie is in the shadow that opens this newsletter. As I experimented with my silhouette, the idea/feeling of invisibility came initially as a sort of sadness, until I reframed it — not necessarily  intentionally, I wasn’t seeking a more positive spin. I just got to thinking about ego and maybe surrendering — to believing in and doing high purpose work that’s not about me.

This reflects an act of greatness breathing: taking in the energy of a moment, accepting it into all of your cells and allowing it to inform your next move. Words that popped up for me: welcome, purpose, translucence, energy…
Find Courage in Color
This bracelet is a splash of color that I use as a reminder to courageously trust myself. Spending a day looking for and noticing color opened my eyes and helped me keep my head up in refreshing and positive ways.
Noticing color reminds me of the intentions of Stand 2:  Baby Steps, Toll Taker and Miracles from Molecules. Maybe you have a splash of color in your life that helps you focus on your intentions and your impact. I saw the oak leaf a few days later because in noticing color I claimed courage, bold and brave earlier in week. Energy flows where attention goes.
See Sun and Shadows

Photography is all about light and darkness. Wonderhunt facilitator, Kim Kotecki encourages us to look for both. One day we made the sun the hero of the photo on another we searched for images in shadows.
While busy inside the day of the sun challenge, I found myself drawn to windows. This shot reminds me of proactive recognitions: I could have mindlessly sat on the wet bench when I finally got outside for some Vitamin D. Instead, I showed awareness and appreciation for the sun playing with those drops in the shadow.

See light and make the sun the hero of a picture you send to someone you care about. How is the sun shining in the eyes of your clients, students and children? Notice and call it out.
It was fun to take playful moments to see things — like you may have once upon a time (or just the other day) with clouds. In these oak leaves I saw a puppet show; Kim saw a moose.

Taking time to intentionally notice — whether in search of recognitions of inner wealth or the other magic in life — heightens our senses and can promote exhilarating creativity.

Without darkness,
there is no light.
Sit with Asymmetry

Asymmetry, like "upside down energy," is a form of imbalance that urges us to check perspective. Asymmetry reminds me of NHA lessons like the dot that lures us away from seeing what's right, and the better broadband story illustrating some intense people's understanding that they can get more of the relationship they crave through negativity.
When we change
the way we look at things,
the things we look at change."
~Wayne Dyer
The challenge to notice and capture asymmetry in my life forced me to take perspective. I noticed clean laundry juxtaposed with the angst I feel toward a neighbor. Sitting with this imbalance is helping me to make choices that better align with my values. 
Increase Your Heart Rate
Many NHA people enjoy finding hearts in nature — and anywhere else for that matter. Hearts often pop out at us effortlessly. This collage, from images stored on my phone, is evidence of my draw toward hearts. 

On the day we were assigned to zoom in, I accidentally captured hearts in a pool of morning dew. The intentional search for something to look at up close had me noticing things that I hadn't seen before. Consequently, I've increased my "heart rate" ever since. 
Looking up close reminded me of a time with an intense student who preferred movement and noise over silent reading. I caught a glimpse of sunlight highlighting his soft cheek showing the fuzzy little hairs that you never see. I pictured a parent cuddling him and loving him up.

I remember being softened by this image, and I used it to remind me to zoom in on what's right when I was inclined to think he "should know better". Increase your "heart rate" and get close!
Light up for Greatness
Toys R Us
  • We are our children’s most exciting toy!
  • We are the ultimate entertainment centers with the greatest features.
What are you lighting up for?

The challenge to see something in a new way and savor beauty from a new angle prompted me to play with the burst feature on my phone while the pine was popping.
Reframe to see greatness in the ordinary.
Take the Wonderhunt!

Check out activity within the Escape Adulthood community hosted by Jason and Kim Kotecki including the Wonderhunt. While scheduled to be open October 1-21, Kim is keeping the Wonderhunt going! I highly recommend it.

Wonderhunt: a 21-Day Course to Reawaken More Wonder, Peace and Joy in Your Life

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