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art by Danielle Barlow

May 2021 

Beltaine Greetings!

Modern calendars give the Irish holiday Beltaine (pronounced "bel-tin-a" in certain Irish dialects) the date of May 1. One of the few things recorded from ancient Druid practice was that this holyday, denoting the start of summer, occurred with the hawthorn's first blossoms and not a set date. Astronomically, this holyday occurs at the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. This year that day was May 5th. I like to mark Beltaine with the returning of the catbirds to my yard. They arrived yesterday, looking pretty fat and happy - and right on time!

Beltaine is traditionally a fire festival. Large bonfires were kindled and people would walk all their livestock between the fires for protection as they moved up into summer pastures. It's was also a time for trial marriages and fecundity rituals. 

As a busy, modern person I don't have a lot of set rituals for many holydays. I spend a lot of time greeting returning birds - if you've been getting my newsletters for a while you'll know wild birds are a thing for me - and emerging plants. It's going to be a big year for St. John's wort and mullein, by the looks of it. This year, though, my spirits asked me to save our colored Easter eggs and bury them in the garden as a fertility offering for my garden. I'll do that as well as my usual garden spiritual offerings of smoke, drumming, singing, etc., as well as mundane offerings like compost to the plants. These are the kinds of rituals that build relationship with the plant spirits and the land itself. What rituals might work for you to mark this time of year?

After some consideration I’ve decided to offer a spirit-based herbal program starting June 14th. This will mainly be online, meeting twice a month on the second and fourth Monday evenings (7:00 – 9:00 EST) of each month. We’ll be working with 1 – 2 herbs each class, starting with traditional uses/regular herbal stuff presentation and then moving into working with the plant via shamanic journeying. You will need some form of each plant we work with and you’ll have to get that in advance of the class: live plant, dried herb, fresh plant, tincture/extract, flower essence, elixir, infused vinegar, infused oil, etc.
If you’re local, I will offer some garden time throughout the summer for in-person (yay!!!) plant work. Depending upon what I have extra of, there may be some opportunity for making medicine as well. These will be group days or individual time.
Sliding scale for the online class is $110 - $220/month. Garden time is $35/group session & $45/individual session not including medicine making supplies. I’ll have a list of supplies for each session or do a supplies charge - if I can get a hold of supplies! Last year it was really hard to get Mason jars. I’m considering doing a work exchange for this. If you’re interested in that, hit me up. Be forewarned: it’ll be hard work and you’ll need good gloves.

Registration period for the online class ends on 6/10. Please email me ( or reply to this email to register.
In this class I’m going to talk about things you'll want to consider if you'd like to have a professional healing or divination (psychic readings, cards, etc.) practice or even if you'd like more boundaries around doing work for friends and family. I'll be discussing boundaries, fees, dealing with clients, social media, etc. I’m not going to go deep into marketing but I’ll discuss it from the standpoint of my own experiences as well as my colleagues. Space is limited for this live Zoom class.
Class fee $55
To register reply to this email or email me at for payment details and the link to the class.

With the blessings of the Ancestors,


Practice Updates, Upcoming Programs 
I've made the decision this month to give up my physical office and solely do distance work. Distance work is just as effective as in-person work. In shamanic healing, the healer mostly works outside of space and time, whether in-person or at a distance. 

Every year I look at my healing practice-  what is working for me, what is not working - and modify accordingly. This past has brought a lot of clients to me who are looking more for psychic-type readings rather than healings and often asking for a discount. In response to that I'm offering lower cost recorded card readings and divination journeys. These services will be delivered via email.  You can find the new offerings here in the shop:

I also offer:
Spiritual Mentoring
Shamanic Journey Divination via Zoom

Shamanic Light Healing Sessions
Healing sessions are available several days a week. I'm continuing to work via Zoom. If you are interested in a session, contact me by replying to this email with availability and a brief description of what's going on and I'll see if we can work together and when I can get you on my schedule.
Click here for more info on Shamanic Light Healing Sessions
Please Note: I am no longer able to offer a sliding scale in 2021. I am offering one discounted new client appointment per month and two discounted existing client appointments per month, dependent upon my current finances. Please contact me for availability.

Shamanic Skills Apprenticeship 
 The next offering of this class will be in the Autumn, around Samhain. This program runs for 4 months, meeting bi-weekly on Zoom for 2 - 3 hours each time. In the basic program we explore what it means to do shamanic work and follow the path of direct revelation, including energetic clearing methods, spiritual bathing, discernment, basic cosmology, working in-depth with Spirit Guides for personal healing, direction, divination, working with Ancestors and more. This program is for people who want to learn and expand upon shamanic skills for their own needs or as part of an existing healing practice. For more information, check out the Apprenticeship page on my website
To enroll, send me an email with your name, address, age and a short essay (paragraph or two) stating why you'd like to join this program and I'll consider whether or not this program may be right for you.

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.
~Old Celtic Blessing
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