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January 2021 

I sat down to write this newsletter one week ago on Wednesday, though it feels like it was months ago, so much has happened. These are quite challenging times that we're living in and ones that call for us to be our best selves and live up to all that our Ancestors and Descendants ask of us. In shamanic or spiritwork practices it is said that we work for both the well Ancestors and the Descendants as they both have asked for us to be in the world at this time. We're here to embody and articulate specific things, traits, frequencies; bring specific gifts to the world and heal ourselves and our ancestral lines.

Part of my work as a spiritworker is to bring messages for the collective. This month I journeyed to the Upper World to work with a spirit teacher and bring back words of power to the collective. Because this is a message for the collective, all people can use, articulate and embody these principles as best they can. You can read all about these words, their meaning and how to use them in my blog here:

Remember to check in with yourself
How are you feeling? Do you need to journal it? Scream? Hit couch cushions or pillows? 
Are you drinking enough water/herbal tea?
Eating enough and eating as well as you can?
Do what you can to stay grounded (for me that's outside time and cleaning).
Nap if you need to. Take a long, relaxing bath. I know a lot of us have a hard time sleeping or staying asleep right now.

Herbs to help:
* skullcap tincture, a few drops as needed or a cup of tea
* passionflower tincture (if you can't stop your brain)
* blue vervain tincture, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed and/or have very tight shoulder muscles
* tulsi (holy basil) alone or with rose petals either as tea or as elixir (the elixir is glorious, BTW)
*hawthorne tincture or tea (leave, flower and/or berry) to develop a courageous heart

For me personally, I find a mixture of blue vervain, skullcap tinctures with a teeny bit of motherwort tincture added in helps to ease tension and help dispel my worries. 

Words to Say
I find myself looking around my immediate environment and repeating things that are true for me at the moment: I'm safe. My house is safe and I'm sheltered. I'm surrounded by the family I love. I have enough food. I have clean water. 
Repeating true phrases like this can be of immense help to our nervous systems.

Practice Update & New Services
Every year I look at my healing practice-  what is working for me, what is not working - and modify accordingly. This past has brought a lot of clients to me who are looking more for psychic-type readings rather than healings and often asking for a discount. In response to that I'm offering lower cost recorded card readings and divination journeys. These services will be delivered via email.  You can find the new offerings here in the shop:

I also offer:
Spiritual Mentoring
Shamanic Journey Divination via Zoom

Shamanic Light Healing Sessions
Healing sessions are available several days a week. I'm continuing to work via Zoom. If you are interested in a session, contact me by replying to this email with availability and a brief description of what's going on and I'll see if we can work together and when I can get you on my schedule.
Click here for more info on Shamanic Light Healing Sessions
Please Note: I am no longer able to offer a sliding scale in 2021. I am offering one discounted new client appointment per month and two discounted existing client appointments per month. Please contact me for availability.

Shamanic Skills Apprenticeship 
  Enrollment for the next offering of this class will be around the Spring Equinox. This program runs for 4 months, meeting bi-weekly on Zoom for 2 - 3 hours each time. In the basic program we explore what it means to do shamanic work and follow the path of direct revelation, including energetic clearing methods, spiritual bathing, discernment, basic cosmology, working in-depth with Spirit Guides for  personal healing, direction, divination, working with Ancestors and more. Additional topical classes (faeries, deathwalking) are available. This program is for people who want to learn and expand upon shamanic skills for their own needs or as part of an existing healing practice. Email me ( or reply to this email if you would like more information or you would like to be on the list for the spring session.

With the blessings of the Ancestors,


Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.
~Old Celtic Blessing
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