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Lunasa 2022

Harvest Greetings to you all,

This summer has brought a lot of changes to my household and has taken up lots of my time. Midsummer flew by before I knew it! Below you'll find my upcoming programs. Please feel free to share with friends who may be interested.

Today is the astronomical observation of the ancient festival of Lunasa. In the Irish mythologial cycle, this festival lasts several weeks, celebrating both the start of the harvest and Tailtiu, the fostermother of Lugh. Tailtiu cleared the plains of Ireland so that crops could grow. It is a time of feasting, giving gratitude, horse racing and also a time when people would work together to bring in the harvest. Today is a day to give gratitude for what you have and leave offerings of gratitude to the bountiful land.

As of late, I've spent quite a bit of time just working with the Spirits. As a spiritworker, one of my jobs is to relay messages for the community. I've put the Spirits' Lunasa message in a blog post, which you'll find here:

At the core, the message from the Spirits is Compassion. Compassion for the Earth, the animals, the plants, other humans, bodies of water, areas of land, the beings we may not see but still live among us. All these things are alive and have spirit.

Wishing you the joy of the harvest,


SHAMANIC SKILLS GROUP. I'll be offering my shamanic skills group once again. We will meet  on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month,  from 7:00pm - 9:30pm EST starting on 10/12/2022. This group will be covering basic skills including discernment, grounding, protection and clearing (both personal and space); shamanic journeying to the various realms; working with and getting healing from your personal spirit guides; working with the healed Ancestors; question formulation; working with spirits in this world; creating and working with power object; and basic psychopomp work. Meetings will be online via Zoom. Classes will not be recorded. Space is limited to 10 people. I am taking applications for this program. If you are interested in this program let me know and I will forward an application to you.

  This is a shamanic journey based program.
This group will meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 7:00pm - 9:30pm EST starting on 10/5/2022. We’ll be working with 1 – 2 medicinal plants each class, starting with traditional uses/regular herbal stuff presentation and then moving into working with the plant via shamanic journeying. This method gives access to the spiritual wisdom of each plant as well as the the plants basic medicinal uses. You will need some form of each plant we work with and you’ll have to get that in advance of the class: live plant, dried herb, fresh plant, tincture/extract, flower essence, elixir, infused vinegar, infused oil, etc. This online class is $125/month. If you are interested in this program let me know and I will forward an application to you. You need strong shamanic journey skills for this program.

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