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7 April 2020

Greetings Friends,

Here we are, week four of physical distancing and self-isolation here in Massachusetts. Last week was a very difficult one for my entire household. It entailed a lot of physical, emotional and mental disruption. Living through this collective trauma is not easy for any of us, myself included. I’ve spent a lot of time slowly puttering around my garden, weeding out the inevitable grass that grows into the beds all winter, greeting all my plant friends as they come up and planting a few onion sets. Sometimes I simply sit with enormity of it all and feel sad. And that's okay.
Below I’ve included some recommendations and some helpful articles. I’m of the opinion that this is a quiet time; a reset time. It’s not a time to be falling into the hyper-capitalist notion that we must always be super productive or spend all of our time working on ourselves.
Some recommendations:

  • If you can get out in Nature, do that, even if it just sitting in a small grassy area, on your deck or walking down your street. Migratory birds are returning now so there’s lots of new feathered faces. And it’s mating season so birdsong is at its height. Spring peepers and wood frogs are also singing. All so lovely! The vibrations of these sounds do help plants grow and they help us as well. Sound healing is not restricted to just what humans produce!  And, here in Mass at least, it’s still too chilly for mosquitoes so take advantage of that!

  • Get your emotions out. Journal your feelings, talk to a friend or your therapist. Cry. Beat the crap out of a cardboard box with a baseball bat (I use a plastic one). Scream if you need to and you’re in a place where you can. Make messy art. Tear it up if you want to. Stomp. Throw a toddler fit. It’s all okay.

  • Go on a news fast or a social media fast for few days. Read some good fiction. Or some crappy fiction. Your choice!

  • Have some herbal tea. Plants that help with our nervous system, emotions and anxiety are called nervines. They help boost our immune system as well since the two systems are interlinked. You can even find a lot of nervines in the grocery store: lavender, chamomile, tulsi, rose, hawthorn, passionflower….Celestial Seasonings SleepyTime Tea is great! If you can’t find anything, let me know and I’ll mix you up something.  

Some articles:
It's OK If You're Not Being Productive During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Less Is More: Grief and Personal Ritual in a Pandemic

Don’t make Yourself a Project: Why the Pandemic isn’t the time for Self-Improvement

This week I am working with the unsettled dead that are the result of this virus. This work started for me last week. If you’d like to support me through this work, there are options for that in my online shop or via Paypal you can do that here.  

I’m not seeing shamanic clients while I do this work as it is just too emotionally and energetically draining. If you’d like me to so work on behalf of a specific person, or you need herbal help during this time, please contact me.
I’m also getting some group healing sessions set up this week. I’ll put out an email update when I have sessions scheduled.
Lastly, this is where you can find previous newsletters where I’ve discussed immune boosting herbs and strategies as well as some plants that will help if infection occurs. If you need herbal help, let me know.
Thank you all for being you and bringing your light to the world!

Peace and yarrow,

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