Be the Change

'It isn't where you came from; it's where you're going that counts.'
Ella Jane Fitzgerald

I've typed and re-typed this Op-Ed so many times I lost count. Too much thinking and feeling, I can't seem to put it into words properly.

The past few weeks have been tough for me, as for probably most of you.

Inspired by 'Queen of Jazz' Ella Fitzgerald's quote, I'm lost for words and thirsty for creating a 'somewhere' we are all proud to go to.

After all the emotions and states of mind, conversations, debates, podcasts, videos, protests, we so vividly see, feel, understand the need for change.

This time round, a need for change created by another virus that did not take us by surprise, because we invented it ourselves, a long time ago.

The kind of change that we will only be able to 'manage' if we are able to 'become' it.

Yes, it's that easy.
We can build a future we're happy to 'go' to.
It's up to each and everyone of us to create this change.

Because we're it!

BE the Change!

#learn #unlearn #rebuild #blacklivesmatter

'HomeWork Unlocked' Interviews

'If you’re going to go through Covid, hopefully you’re that kind of manager that understood your people.'

I've created ‘HomeWork Unlocked’ as an All Personal Interview Limited Series, where we discuss 'the future of work'.
In this episode, I talk to Sam Miller, a Registered Psychotherapist M.A. R.P. and President of Sam Miller Consulting, as he shares his view on building a healthy 'future of work'.

Sam is a resourceful Psychotherapist with extensive experience in Trauma Response and Treatment and Wellness Initiatives. He has worked with many organizations and corporations in creating healthy, respectful, workplace environments, as well as managing work-related traumatic events.

An experienced facilitator, Sam has worked with a variety of organizations and corporations developing and presenting seminars and workshops that cover a wide spectrum of Wellness topics.

In his psychotherapy practice, Sam has worked with a variety of clients both privately and within many different workplace settings. He has dealt with many different clinical issues ranging from anxiety and stress to workplace change, conflict resolution and management-employee relations.

I loved Sam's view on why it's so important that we now build a more healthy, caring, inclusive and inspiring 'future of work'.

Please share your comments either directly on YouTube or by emailing me.
Email me if you'd like to be featured on 'HomeWork Unlocked'

Game-Changing People Leaders

Leaders and Their Business Impact

As The Game-Changing Index partner in Canada, I am thrilled to make an All Personal contribution to developing leaders across industries, and to help them make their best impact and create game-changing teams in their organizations!

In this edition, I am happy to share the success story of a game-changing lea
der of a large division within a big technology business.
His GC Index ® profile was that of a high Polisher / Implementer. 

From the outset, the leader identified his key business priorities as:  
  1. Protecting margins
  2. Engaging staff during this time
  3. Identifying new revenue models
He found it difficult to explore different things, because he was so focused on ‘doing’ and making what the business is currently doing ‘better’.

While he recognized he had to do things differently, when he was under pressure he kept reverting to what he knew best and investing more time and energy in doing this, risking both burn out for him but also for his team.


The leader needed to understand:
  1. How to do things differently
  2. Who is on the team to support
  3. What new products/services to invest in
He had struggled with these questions, particularly as a Polisher/Implementer.

The GC Index® framework and language helped him recognize his strengths, identify where he needed support and create an action plan.

As a Polisher / Implementer, his natural focus was to protect existing revenue and he struggled to look at new opportunities.

Call for action – next steps with The GC Index®

By bringing the conversation back to the business challenges, the leader identified the need to focus his attention on the Product Innovation and Sales Team, in a bid to identify new opportunities.

He decided to use The GC Index® to ensure he had the right people in these teams to do this.

He also wanted to understand where the Game Changers and Strategists were across his wider division, to help identify new opportunities and possibilities.

As a Polisher / Implementer, our leader’s response to the crisis was to march forward – the message was ‘everything is urgent and everything is important’ – and as a result lots of staff were feeling burnt out.

By coming back to the business challenges during the review session, the leader identified the need to prioritize and engage divisions.

Knowing it was not a strength of his, the leader decided to use The GC Index® with the leadership team, to help identify the Strategists to bring focus and the Play Makers to help engage others. 

If you are a people leader going through similar struggles and wanting to bring much needed changes in your team or organization, let's talk.
Try the power of the GC Index®. Email me.


Free One-Stop-Shop: New Resources

Keeping in line with making our own new, healthy habits, I added new resources on our special Crisis Management page:
  • Esther Perel's 'How's Work' podcast - amazing episodes, and a special one with Adam Grant (you don't want to miss it, I promise!)
  • Brene Brown's 'Unlocking Us' podcast - brilliant way to develop your emotional intelligence (and a brilliant title for lock-down times, I might add)
  • Mental health resources for schools and workplaces (from home)

Enjoy and please email me if you'd like to share new helpful resources for this page.
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