To Be or Not to Be... Hybrid.
Hi <<First Name>>,

How are you?
Are you working in a hybrid model already and how does that work for you?
How does this 'yet another' transition impact you?

I was talking to someone the other day, and remembered how, this time last year, I was working with teams and leaders to help them stay motivated and engaged as they were continuing to work fully remotely.

And a lot of people in those teams were craving going back to the office, talking to people, feeling that energy.
I remember so vividly someone saying: 'I miss hugging people!'

This year, most teams I work with are transitioning to a hybrid work model.
And leaders struggle, again, with helping their teams stay motivated and engaged.

Same issue, you would say.

Yes, and no.

The yes is obvious - motivation and engagement are the focus.

The no is less obvious. Here's why.

Last year, people in teams needed to feel safe.
Safe that they still have a job, still have a team, still have clients, still have each other. We were all in survival mode.
And, most often, what I noticed was that teams went from 'freeze' mode into 'fight' mode pretty quickly - learned to get together, to support each other, to meet regularly, to deal with changes as they came.

This year, it's different.
Teams got used to working remotely.
They transitioned from the need to simply feel safe, to creating new habits.

And habits brought comfort.
And comfort brought a different kind of motivation and new perspectives.

People started to enjoy the balance between their home and work life, although they were operating solely from home.
But they were getting things done, most of them working for longer than usual.
In many cases, the 9-5 no longer exists.

People have more freedom, autonomy, found a new sense of purpose and created environments that allow them to further develop their sense of growth and mastery.

So here's why motivating and engaging them right now is different: they're out of survival mode.
They've been transitioning, from behind their screens, into thriving mode.
And THAT's a tough mode to compete with as an organization.

Simply 'telling' your people they have to come to the office is not going to cut it.

It's not going to make them more engaged.
Actually, in most cases, it's going to make them reject that 'offer'.
Either for health concerns, family issues, or simply because their desk at home allows them to do the job better than the equipment they have at the office.

And, if forced to take your offer, they will make a different choice and leave.

Chances are that, between the choice that they can make for themselves - leave - and the choice that they are forced to take - get back in the office - they will choose their autonomy.
They will choose getting back in control over what happens to me.

This crisis has changed us all, individually and collectively.

And if leaders in organizations don't realize that workplace culture has already changed and it will continue to change, and if they keep being adamant about 'going back to normal' instead of looking at what's changed and how they can make the best out of it, they will lose talent.
And quality.
And reputation.
And clients.
And, well, money.

Teams don't want leaders to 'tell' them what to do.
They NEED to be listened to!
And, actually, leaders NEED to listen to their teams sooner rather than later.
Because chances are that what your teams are telling you is what your clients also deal with.

To quote someone from a team I'm working with:
'it's not that I don't see why these decisions are being made; it's that no one has ever asked me anything about what I might be struggling with; it's that I don't feel I have any say in it; it's that I don't feel heard.'

Listen well. Lead different!

Do you and your team struggle in this transition to hybrid work? Let's chat and get you some solutions.

Free Live Workshop Series for Team Leaders

One of the biggest struggles I see team leaders facing right now is ensuring a smooth transition to the hybrid work model.

Especially if you're right there in the trenches, and, even more painfully, if decisions around hybrid work come from the top-down and you have very little say in the process!

This workshop series is especially useful if you:
1. are a mid-manager or emerging leader leading a team through a transition to the hybrid work model, from fully virtual
2. are looking to find solutions that help you align expectations, plan concrete steps and motivate & engage your team
3. want to stop worrying about losing good people from the team, and start to come across as a trusted leader

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Navigating the Hybrid Workplace
- Immigrant Hat On

I've had the pleasure to talk about hybrid work and what immigrants need to know to navigate this new workplace, in a fire-side chat at Cafe New Canadians, joining Golubina Markovikj, MBA, CPA, PMP on the panel.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about your challenges and successes working in hybrid mode. You can share them here.
Watch the video here.
Let's have a virtual cofee and chat all things leadership & beyond! Book a call and speak soon!
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