'Play Where the Puck Is Going to Be'

Work after Crisis

We're creating the future of work as we speak.

No matter what work looked like before the crisis, we'll all see changes in the way we work as we slowly get out of lock-down.

We've all seen changes that were unthinkable before, like entire call-centres that are now home-based, almost everyone working virtually, companies leading projects remotely. 

With all that, we've also seen some great results, as we continued to:
  • be productive
  • build trust
  • keep our people engaged and motivated
  • bring new people on our teams
We're now more aware of those human, personal needs that make everyone thrive at work:
  • being cared for and appreciated
  • communicating openly with people on our team
  • connecting simply by having a chat, coffee or lunch together
We've noticed how much we've missed meeting face to face, getting non-verbal feedback, working together in the office.

Most of all, we've had our priorities challenged and revisited.
We're now more aware of our time and how we spend it.

We've seen that we all have different working styles, just like we have different learning styles, thinking styles, dressing styles, you name it.

And I think we know we'll need to cater to these different working styles if we want our organizations to thrive after this crisis.

Imagining the future of work today is similar to what Wayne Gretzky used to say:
'A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.'

Be the great player!

HomeWork Unlocked - Limited Interview Series

Brilliant Ideas from Virtual Work Visionaries

I created an All Personal Podcast Limited Series: ‘Home/Work Unlocked’,
where we discuss what work will look like as we get out of lock-down.
In this first episode, I am talking to two virtual work visionaries: Brittany Melo and Joncarlo Bairos at Forge Recruitment, a boutique recruitment agency specializing in the search and placement of legal professionals into firms and companies across British Columbia and Ontario.
I like to call them visionaries because they were already working virtually way before the crisis made us all remote workers.
They were already managing things like keeping the team productive, motivated, engaged and in constant communication.

A confession - we’ve worked together on forming and norming their team as they were growing, and it’s a privilege for me to have clients like them: leaders who know that building a great team starts with building yourself as a great leader!

And yet, I am not subjective when I call them visionaries. Listen in and see why, sharing a few nuggets here:
  • ‘We’re going to see more flexibility in the long run after this is finished’
  • ‘If employers don’t adapt quickly or learn to manage virtually, I think we’re going to see a lot of employees who jump ships to those who do.’
  • ‘You might not get the traditional 9-5 that you want, but you have to ask yourself, is the work still getting done, and is hat you expect of them getting done? And if it is, you can’t complain.’
If you have questions related to home / work after crisis, please send them my way, as I will keep interviewing people on this topic.

I’m also happy to have you as a guest, if you’d like to share your tips, ideas, experience on:
  • what your teams are doing to stay motivated
  • how workplace culture changes
  • how you are creating the future of work in your organization
  • what the home-work balance will look like
  • the future of work
Click on image and listen in.
Email me to contribute to HomeWork Unlocked

Build Game-Changing Teams

Business Impact versus Personality

As All Personal is the first Canadian business partner organization to The GC Index®, I developed a training program to help teams on their specific needs of growth, development and business impact.

Introverts or extroverts, we can all have a game-changing impact!
The program can be run both in-person and virtually and is fit for several business areas:
  • talent acquisition
  • motivation & engagement
  • talent development
  • diversity & inclusion
  • culture transformation
How it works - in 6 steps:
  1. Needs analysis session – we identify needs and goals you are working towards.
  2. Completion of assessment – everyone in the team takes the assessment.
  3. Assessment results – these can be sent to the leaders only, or to everyone on the team, depending on what we discuss in the needs analysis session.
  4. Results debrief session with everyone on the team, or with leaders only, as applicable.
  5. Team training session based on the GC Index assessment results and aligned with your goal.
  6. Debrief session and discussion on development plan for your team – strengths to rely on or use more of, possible areas of improvement and ways in which you can achieve your goals and maximize your impact as a team.
Why this program?
Because the workplace, as we know it, has already changed!
So, we can either wait for the changes to sink in and see how they affect us, or we can create those changes ourselves, and adapt them to how we work!
We live in volatile, uncertain times, so being able to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings while also creating the drive and the sense of purpose and motivation in our teams is essential!
This is a time where organizations absolutely need to reinvent the way they work and do business.

Let's redefine success together!
Email Me to Build Your Game-Changing Team

All Personal Podcast

Storytelling and Our Hero Journey
in Life & Business

In the latest episode of the All Personal podcast, my guest and I are taking you on a journey, in a land far-far away (both metaphorically and literally): the land of storytelling all the way from Melbourne, Australia!

I’m talking to Luke Buesnel, Content Director and Founder of Story League!

For over 15 years, Luke worked in journalism and media communications, where he learnt the power of telling a good story and the impact it can have!
He saw how the ‘churn and burn’ approach applied to content creation has failed businesses, and he is on a mission to create content with more impact and meaning.

Story League was created out of a passion for storytelling and a genuine desire to improve the way we communicate.

So tune in for a story well told.

One that will take you in a land far, far away, to all the stories shared, written, told, read.

A story that will remind you that we all have a story to tell, as we’re all heroes on our All Personal hero journey.

Click on image and listen in.

Quarantine Self-Development

Free One Stop Shop:
Music, Yoga, E-books and More


Your page of free resources to help you swim these virtual, quarantined waters!

I added videos, leaders interviews and useful resources, such as free Yoga classes you can do at home, free classical music to help you focus while working from home, podcasts and articles on virtual work.

This page is our dynamic one stop shop! I will keep adding information to it.

If you have resources that you found useful and you'd like to share with others, email me and I will add them on the page.

Visit your free one stop shop

Self-Management Muscle Workouts

Resources to Manage Yourself Under Pressure

Managing ourselves is a big part of Emotional Intelligence as a skill muscle. And it's even more important now that the world around us has changed so much and so abruptly!
Here are a few resources for you to work out your self-management skills muscles and work well with everyone on your team and with your clients, even remotely.
Learn how you can listen effectively, what motivates you, what the universal expressions of emotions are, how to meditate and so much more.

Be well & stay safe! We're all in this together. We'll go through this together.

Imagine. Believe. Become.

Our inner work only depends on ourselves.
Start your self-management workouts
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