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The Elephant in Our Living Rooms

I've recorded a mini-series of videos related to managing virtual teams in a crisis, such as the one we're going through with Covid-19. I hope this helps all of you who are now part of a team that became 'virtual' overnight.

This kind of virtual / remote work is not 'business as usual' for anyone, not even for those who were already working from home or used to managing virtual, remote teams.

This is crisis management, and managing a team that met face to face until yesterday and now suddenly became a virtual one is definitely not easy, and absolutely different from managing virtual teams as part of everyone's usual job description!

What do we do in a crisis? We all get very emotional. A health crisis is particularly emotional and personal, because what is more personal than our family's and our own health and safety?

It all comes down to surviving, both as a person and as a business, because now, more than ever, business became so personal and the personal impacts the business in ways we couldn't have imagined before 2020! Definitely not what I imagined when I chose 'All Personal' to be the name of my business, but that's another story. Or is it?

The point is, business and personal are currently one and the same thing.
We work from home, with our family around us, with maybe no place to set up as our 'home desk' or not even a proper desk. We need to improvise and adapt, which means we also need to be patient with ourselves and others, and be more flexible in our approach if we want to get to the other side together and in one piece, especially mentally.

We all have an elephant in our living rooms right now which we cannot ignore.
Talk about it, address feelings and concerns and then start planning for the future, whatever that future may mean.
For some, it does mean we go through this together.
For others, it will mean they get laid-off or that their business will cease to exist.

Whatever comes, leave no surprises on the table. Make communication as open as possible.
In an environment where the earth moves beneath our feet by the hour, the last thing we need are any more surprises!

Email me to ask any questions on how to manage your virtual team in this crisis, from daily comms to motivation and engagement.

Stay safe and be well!

check out the YouTube Crisis Management playlist

The Age of Virtual Learning

Moving Your Learning Online

Universities, colleges, schools are all working on moving content online so they can still offer learning courses to students.

Workplaces are moving everything online as well.

Big corporations are more prepared and already have CRM platforms that they are using for their teams worldwide.

For smaller firms, moving everything virtually overnight is more difficult. As for e-learning, some firms simply don't have the resources and capacity to develop courses that are relevant now.

I already mentioned in the previous issue of this newsletter that All Personal became a Gold Partner to Chart Learning Solutions, so we can offer you access to award-winning e-learning!

We're offering a FREE course on Hygiene – Infection prevention and control which has been run by thousands already, since it is fundamental to prevent disease.

They are also launching three courses which will support any company being successful with distance work:
  1. Remote Leadership (18 shorter courses) – essential training for any leader
  2. How to Work Successfully from Home – training for any employee working from home
  3. Responsible Initiatives – which highlights the individual’s role in being successful.

If you need any of these or any other e-courses for your teams now, let me know.

Email me for more info

Virtual Work - Best Practices

Voice of Experience Interviews

Experiencing this crisis from the service provider's perspective, I noticed super high levels of engagement and commitment from people around me in helping others as much as they can!

So, together with managers and leaders across industries, we've started a series of interviews to make your remote work a smoother experience, especially in a crisis.
These are professionals who are working virtually as a rule and who manage virtual teams all the time. I'm so grateful to each and every one of them for sharing tips and tricks from their experience.

In this issue, I talked to Golubina Markovikj, Strategy and Transformation Leader, who's worked with teams across Canada and the US. See below her tips for successful communication with virtual teams.

If you are a leader experienced in managing virtual teams and would like to contribute to this series, please email me.

Quarantine Self-Development

Free One Stop Shop:
Music, Yoga, E-books and More


I've created a special web page where I will regularly add resources to hep you swim these virtual, quarantined waters!

I added videos, leaders interviews and useful resources, such as free Yoga classes you can do at home, free classical music to help you focus while working from home, e-books and articles on virtual work.

This page is our dynamic one stop shop! I will keep adding information to it.

If you have resources that you found useful and you'd like to share with others, email me and I will add them on the page.

Visit Your Free One Stop Shop

Self-Management Muscle Workouts

Resources to Manage Yourself Under Pressure

Managing ourselves is a big part of Emotional Intelligence as a skill muscle. And it's even more important now that the world around us has changed so much and so abruptly!
Here are a few resources for you to work out your self-management skills muscles and work well with everyone on your team and with your clients, even remotely.
Learn how you can listen effectively, what motivates you, what the universal expressions of emotions are, how to meditate and so much more.

Be well & stay safe! We're all in this together. We'll go through this together.

Imagine. Believe. Become.

Our inner work only depends on ourselves.
start your self-management workouts
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