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I am both exhausted and thrilled!!
Launching the All Personal online course on Feedback for High-Performance and Collaborative Teams!

AND, this is a Valentine's Day special, how else?!
Because all great relationships, BOTH at home and at work, are built on Trust. And Feedback is HOW we build trust, in small (and important) steps, day by day:)!

So, if you want to share it with someone important in your life, you have a 2-in-1 special price, message me and I'll send you the details:).

Looking forward to getting YOUR feedback on this course, of course:)))!

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Share Some Motivation with Your Team!

Live Q&A 7: 'What Can I Do to Motivate My Team?'

I get this question a lot from the amazing managers I work with and who want to do whatever they can to help their team, as they know that business results depend on the people who achieve them!

I also know that the managers themselves feel confused, frustrated, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed - what would YOU add on the list?

That's why the ones I work with joined the Lead for Legacy League, that's where we untangle a lot of the uncertainty that we all go through right now, and discuss solutions!

In this Live Q&A, we see why motivation starts with yourself and how you can replicate it to others, if you manage a team! And if you don't manage a team? Well, think again:): you are managing yourself and some of you are also managing your Team Home!

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Share the Love for Knowledge in the Lead for Legacy League!

February 2-in-1 Special!

The League coaching & strategizing meetings kicked off back in January and we've already had some super amazing discussions!

Plus, now we have a mix on Romania, Mexico, Canada and UK in the house - wohoo, going global, right?

Some of the things we've talked about:
  • how do I work with people without micro-managing them (or making them feel like they are being micro-managed)
  • how do I motivate my team when people leave?
  • how do I set development goals with a new team?
  • how can I raise my profile in a virtual meeting, since I just joined the company and I want to project an authentic, confident image of myself?
  • how do I motivate a super diverse team (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials AND Gen Z)
  • The GC Index profiles in practice
And all that, in our weekly online meetings!

The Monthly Membership in the League includes:

  1. Group coachingthe most powerful tool to boost your development and growth
  2. Online courses with 20% discount for all League members
  3. Game-Changing Business impact individual assessment & strategywith 20% discount for all League members
  4. Q&A and discussions based on YOUR case-studies
  5. Strategies for you and your team, based on YOUR needs, situation & challenges
  6. Full Library of Materials, including recordings of our weekly sessions, books, videos, documents and links to relevant resources.
  7. Brainstorming & networking with peers from around the world
  8. Guest speakers that boost your creativity so you get fresh, innovative ideas to your team and organization
  9. You're also invited to speak, as long as that's something you'd like to do! You'll share your ideas with the world!
You can join anytime and stay with us for a month. If you like it, awesome, stay for as long as you need to, YOU decide what's best for you, no one else!

Share the love & knowledge in February!
Join the Lead for Legacy League with a Friend by 28 February and get 2 spots for the price of 1!
How about that?

Take control over your time, emotions, actions and results!
Build the future of work and leave your legacy to next generations!
Experience the Power of the League!

Find Out More & Sign-Up! Join anytime, month-by-month!
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