Take Control and Build Your Dream!

Tip #1: Start with You!

Get back in the driver's seat!
Impossible? No.
Hard work? I'm not gonna lie, Yes!
Feels amazing? Absolutely!

Watch the video and see how you can take control over your emotions, actions and results in 2021 & beyond!

The secret of Dream Leaders? There is no ONE secret because there are no shortcuts!
YOU make it happen by working on yourself regularly. Just like going to the gym. :)

If you want more ideas, join me on the FREE webinar
Lead for Legacy: Be a Dream Boss for Yourself and for Your Dream Team, only 2 dates left - November 11 and 13!

If you want more than just ideas and are looking for:
  1. a Global Community where you get award-winning courses you need to up-skill and build your Dream Career, Dream Business, Dream Team
  2. get coaching, support and brainstorming with peers all over the world
  3. get inspiration from various speakers
  4. get opportunities for you to speak if you want to
  5. and more, much more!

...then you might want to join the Lead for Legacy League.

You'll get more details in this edition of the All Personal news, together with:
  1. Game-Changing Work LIVE Show
  2. Skills workouts for your skills gym

Build you skills muscles! They'll help you build your dream career, business and team.

Book a 30-Minute Skills Muscles Discovery Session with me!

Join the 'Lead for Legacy League'!
We start on 16 November!

'Lead for Legacy League': the Power of GLOBAL Community and Learning in ONE Place!

On 16 November, we start a Global Community like no other!!

It's The Community that gives you the critical tools to learn AND practice the essential and critical skills that Leaders and Teams need today & beyond!
Your All Personal Management and Leadership program that teaches, connects and inspires you so you can build your Dream Career, Dream Business and Dream Team!

I'm here to make sure that you, as a team leader or manager, aspiring or experienced, get access to the tools and the community that help YOU reach YOUR full potential!

That's how YOU can help Your teams and organizations reach theirs!
That's how we build a future we're proud of, TOGETHER!

Here is some of the awesome stuff waiting for you!
  1. A GLOBAL Community of continuous learning & support!
  2. Brainstorming & networking with peers from all over the world!
  3. Assessments and strategies for you and your team.
  4. Access and discounts to 250+ award-winning online courses.
  5. Regular group meetings, coaching, training, Q&A, support and discussions.
  6. Self-care!
  7. Constant communication and support from peers.
  8. Guest speakers from various industries.
  9. Speaking opportunities for you!
  10. & more, much more!

'If I want to find out more, what can I do?', you may ask.😊 Join the League and shape Your Future, Your Way!
Join the 'Lead for Legacy League'! Don't Miss This Super Special Launch Offer by 16 November!

Game Changing Work Live Show - Personality, Impact & Work

The Link Between Different Work Styles, Personality, Impact and Motivation

The 'Game Changing Work' LIVE Show with Veronica Stewart at Ingenious Agile- ReThink with Purpose has been on a roll for a few weeks now!

This is for all of you, dreamers and doers, building Happy Careers, Dream Teams and Thriving Businesses in the midst of uncertainty and crisis!

We are discussing all aspects of what 'work different' means, agile topics and change that will maximize impact and bring in game-changing results!

Everyone is different and has their own style in how they motivate themselves. How does that impact when you put everyone together in a company? What are the benefits and challenges?

Watch, comment, like, share and subscribe - the more, the better for changing the game at work!

Bring Your Own Coffee and join us live every Wednesday and Friday morning between 8.25 am - 8.55 am ET, and change the game, YOUR way!

We're live on the Game Changing Work YouTube Channel, our personal Facebook channels and my LinkedIn profile.
Register to join our Live Show (or catch the replay) 'Game Changing Work with Roxana & Veronica'

Skills Workouts for Your Skills Gym

Keep Your Skills Muscles in Shape

The dream was for you to feel good about how you do what you do! The dream was to build a Dream Team and be a Dream Boss!

Don't let your Dream turn into a Nightmare!

Up-skill, re-skill, keep learning, brainstorming, networking, get out of isolation and build your own path to success!
Here are some workouts for you to build your skills muscles and build your Dream Career, your way!
  1. Emotional Intelligence for Game-Changing Leaders - online course (included in the Lead for Legacy League with free Time Management)
  2. Critical Skills for Game-Changing Leaders - online course bundle (better price with the Lead for Legacy League membership)
  3. Amy Cuddy's TED talk about body language and mindset
  4. Breathing exercises
  5. Diction & Speaking exercises

Your personal and professional development is your business. Important business. And that's All Personal.
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