Be a Dream Boss. Build a Dream Team!
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Great news on the horizon!
We have a FREE Bite-Sized Live Masterclass for people who lead people and teams coming up!
This is for you if:
* you are (or being promoted to) managing people or teams
* you are a small business CEO, managing or scaling a team
* you want to develop your people leadership skills

Join us and go through the stages of high-performance differently! We'll use the high-performing athletes process of preparation-performance-recovery.

Take the pressure off and learn how to take care of yourself first - so you can then take care of your team!

That's how you can restart to Dream Big, Be a Dream Boss and Build a Dream Team!

Where to watch live

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Make sure you enroll to this Masterclass (not just the free preview) so you get access to the replays and resources  (handouts and relevant links) I am sharing after each session.

You can also ask your questions once you enroll on the platform if you can't join the live sessions - happy to answer anytime!

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Become a Dream Leader!
Build a Dream Team!
Management & Leadership Transformation. One Click Away!

As a mid-senior manager or small biz CEO:
  • do you FEEL like you are the 'forgotten middle' or overwhelmed CEO of your business, and that it's going to take your forever and a day to figure out everything you need to know before things start taking the shape you want them to!
  • do you feel ALL ALONE in managing your job, your tasks, your business, your clients, your team AND yourself!
  • do you feel that you need to postpone your dreams to become the Dream Boss that builds a Dream Team and creates a dream career or business for themselves!
  • do you also hear that people are born leaders, that management and leadership are two very different things and that it takes a long, long time to build skills that help you become a great leader?

Not to mention: where do you even start looking for resources?
And how do you then connect them to YOUR practical goals?
How do you create strategies that help YOU move forward?

The Lead for Legacy League is here to make sure that you get access to the tools, strategies, community, support and resources that you need now, and which help YOU reach your full potential and become the Leader you've always dreamed to be!

NOW, not 5 years from now! Now, when YOU need it!

The League is MORE that just a program!

  • online training
  • group coaching
  • masterminding
  • networking
  • community support
  • business development
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Boost Collaboration in Your Dream Team!
You know we're all about learning and leading 'different'!

So we did this LIVE short exercise that helps you and your virtual team:
- learn how to communicate so they get their message across
- boost collaboration by improving the way they communicate
- have loads of fun!

Special thanks to my guest for the entire series, Rares Radulescu, All Personal Learning Intern & Drama Student (and also my son:)).

Make sure to get all other exercises on the:
Get All the Virtual Teams Practical Exercises!
Become a Dream Boss:
Learn HOW to Listen to Understand!
“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Steven R Covey

So this All Personal brand new online course is dedicated to all of you who want to 'listen to understand'!

And to all of you looking to build strong team management & leadership skills, both for yourself and for the next generation of leaders.

What you'll learn:
1. Levels of Listening
2. Listening Techniques for Effective Team-Work
3. How to use listening techniques to manage difficult conversations

Special thanks again to Rares Radulescu for helping me bring the right role plays to life, so we make this course a great experience for you!

Learn different! Lead different!
That's All Personal.
Become a Dream Boss Who REALLY Listens -Start Here!
Register for the Next LIVE Webinar and 'Master Your Impact'!
Untitled design (27) Untitled design (25)
In this second installment of the "Master Your Impact" webinar series, Veronica Stewart and I will be covering: 
  • Why do we need to start with outcomes first
  • How can we align people to team outcomes
  • What part do team managers play in this? 
  • What should you consider when kicking off a team with new outcomes to deliver? 
Register Now for April 27th @ 12:00 PM ET

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