'We Teach What We Choose to Learn'.
And Vice Versa.

'Learning Is Movement from Moment to Moment'
(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

I'm not sure I ever shared this with you, but this is my favourite quote on learning.

It perfectly captures my unshakable belief that learning is a habit, not an event! That our skills are just like muscles: the more we work them out, like at a skills gym, the more in shape and strong they are when we need them most.

I found this photo about a month ago, completely by accident, and it brought back memories of so many moments of learning for me.

It is a photo I had the pleasure to have taken with Dr. Daniel Goleman, back in 2013, when he spoke at a Leadership conference in Bucharest, Romania. I guess 'selfies' weren't a thing back then :)?!

Learning was always my passion, until it also became my job way back in 2008.

I was fascinated by everything related to Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, what makes us discover what we're good at and how good we are, what makes us engaged and motivated and what makes us constantly grow into our next best version.

Had anyone told me back then that I would, one day, in 2020, publish my own Emotional Intelligence Course for Game-Changing Leaders, I would have said 'yeah, right'!
(Same answer if they'd told me I would have blue hair in 2020, which I can't argue with now...).

So here's why learning is 'movement from moment to moment':
  • Learning is a journey.
  • It's the bricks to a solid foundation.
  • It's roads intertwined.
  • It's skills muscles that we train at the 'skills gym' regularly, until it becomes so easy and comfortable for us to use them.
  • It's imagining, believing and becoming the person we know we are.
  • It's the magic that we use to build ourselves into who we are, every step of the way.
  • It's what helps us see our own super-powers and activate them!
  • Until, ultimately, it becomes our capacity to see the super-powers of people around us and help them activate theirs, too.
Let's get 'back to school' in this edition of the All Personal News, and tap into our most important super-power - creating OUR OWN learning journey:
  1. Super-Power Learning Bundle: Emotional Intelligence and Time Management (2 in 1)
  2. Free All Personal Webinar - 'The Proven Method to Reduce Bias When Making People Decisions in Your Team'
  3. Skills Muscles Workouts for lifetime learners


Super-Power Learning Bundle: Emotional Intelligence and Time Management

Award-Winning Blended Learning for You!

I am so happy to be able to offer a super-power learning bundle to all of you life-long learners!
It's an offer made possible with my partners at Chart Learning Solutions, so you can access award-winning blended learning!

Ready? Here's how it goes in 3 easy steps:
  1. sign up to my Emotional Intelligence course and get a 10% discount
  2. when you sign up, you also get the full Time Management online course as a bonus!
  3. and since you've made it this far, I am also happy to offer a complimentary coaching session when you complete the courses!
I'm so happy to be offering this to you, it's the kind of content that will help you get your 'work muscles' back in shape for the 'new' work normal!

A 'special THANK YOU' to some of the amazing learners that already took the Emotional Intelligence course, for their dedication and incredible feedback!

Imagine. Believe. Become!
That's 'All Personal'.
Click Here to Get Your Super-Power Learning Bundle

Free All Personal Webinar, Powered by The GC Index

'The Proven Method to Reduce Bias When Making People Decisions in Your Team'

How do you measure impact at work or in business?
  • How do you know what impact you're making in your team or in your business
  • What's the business impact your team is making in your organization.
  • How do you decide your next best hire that brings you the best results for your business or team?
  • What can you do to ensure that everyone makes their best contribution on the team?
Learning how to make the right people decisions - ourselves included - is crucial, especially as the workplace culture is in a state of continuous change and crisis.

Making the right people decisions today helps us make the right business decisions any day.

Join me on this free All Personal webinar and discover the creative power of The GC Index, the organimetric that helps you, your team and your organization:
  1. Build greater diversity by reducing unconscious bias in building your team
  2. Hire, retain and promote the best people for your business goals and growth
  3. Build a culture of genuine innovation and creativity
  4. Maximize your and your team’s impact in business, based on reliable data
  5. Provide a language and framework for people that is simple, effective and outcome driven
Let's create a future of work we're all proud of!
Register to Join Me on September 16th @ 2 pm EST

Skills Muscles Workouts
(quite the tongue twister, right?)

Our Skills Are Just Like Muscles

Yes, I know, I've said that so many times! But it's true! And if you've listened to just a few of the All Personal Podcast episodes, you already know what my amazing guests said.
All you need to do is start training your skills muscles the same way you train your body muscles to keep them in shape. That means NOT just once a year! It means regular practice.
Because that's what learning is all about. Learning is a habit, not an event!
So here you are, your All Personal Skills Workouts. For responsible daily use.:)

Imagine. Believe. Become.

Unleash YOUR Super-Powers!
All Personal Workouts for Your Skills Muscles
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