There Is a Way Out of Helplessness - for You AND Your Team!
<<First Name>>, you might have heard this phrase in different contexts (especially during the Pandemic): helplessness is learned behaviour.
Well, not anymore!

The latest science research by Dr. Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology and Well Being after the pandemic shares the following:

✔️ Helplessness is NOT LEARNED behaviour; it is the DEFAULT behaviour of people in distressful events
✔️ The learned behaviour is to BELIEVE you can do something in the world to make a difference
✔️ Efficacy is acquired and it includes being Persistent, Resilient, Healthier and more Innovative
✔️ Optimism is also LEARNED behaviour and it helps people move forward
✔️ Well-being is measurable and 'buildable'

I remember, during one of my virtual classes, someone asked a great question on 'learned helplessness' in teams after the pandemic and what we can do about it.
The short answer is: help the teams find what works, so that they can (re)build meaning and purpose.

The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) latest research on the current organization needs (photo) pretty much aligns with this trend, too.

Time for learned optimism so that teams can move forward!
In other words, time to help teams move from languishing to flourishing!

That's exactly:
1️⃣ what great leaders of teams and organizations need to do now.
2️⃣ why I believe multidimensional well-being is a must have in organizations, not a nice to have anymore: physical, emotional, financial, social and career-oriented.
3️⃣ what good coaches have to do for their clients, individuals and teams alike: help them find 'optimism that's founded in fact'.

Lead different. Lead with optimism.


Bring Back the Fizz & Buzz in Your Team!

'Clients do not come first. Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’​
(Richard Branson)

<<First Name>>, I absolutely love this quote!
Because whenever I am 'the client', it's those employees who are well taken care of that make me feel like a million bucks!

Problem is - WHO takes care of them?
'Being taken care of' demands the question - by whom? Most of us will immediately say: their manager.

Problem is, what I'm hearing from the team managers I work with is this: now is one of the most difficult times to be managing a team!

You need to be able to manage your workload, and manage your team.
Achieve your goals and have a big picture about what needs to happen next.
Bring more 'fizz' and buzz' into your work and into your team's work!

Next question: HOW?

My colleague and fellow executive coach,
Tracy Wilk, and I have developed a Pilot Team Coaching Program to support leaders and teams in legal, finance & tech.

We developed this program because it's become obvious to us that it's unrealistic for companies to rely solely on individual leaders to meet their critical goals.

Instead, we want to help companies to develop the collective leadership and intelligence of their teams, to produce better outcomes.

Through our work, we aim to support teams and leaders:
✅To understand their strengths and areas of development as a cohesive team.
✅To define their purpose, values and priorities.
✅To better see and understand their unspoken behaviours, modes of operation and other blind spots.
✅To build their capacity to manage conflict.
✅To clarify goals, performance indicators and roles.
✅To build a plan to help the team and team members to continually learn.
✅To help the team leader coach the team, and the team as a whole to coach itself.
Bring back the Fizz & Buzz in their teams!

We're doing some early runs of the program with the teams of some of our clients and, in exchange for their feedback, are offering very discounted pricing.

If you think this may be a good program for you and your team, and want to find out more about it, please
email me, we'll take it from there.
Sounds like a program you or someone in your organization might be interested it? Click here to email me and I'll follow-up with you.

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