The Coach House and Why 'All Personal' Is All About You!

This is a photo I took back in 2017, as we were on our way to moving to Canada all the way from Romania.
It's taken in Rochester, UK (we were visiting some of my family while in transit, that was cool:))! And I found this, on a wall in Rochester, as we were visiting the place.
Maybe it was a sign of what I was going to do next. Fact is, I was drawn to it and took a picture.

Now, why am I sharing this here?
Because I believe in a Coach House that's a great Guest House! A house of sharing, learning, networking, creating and enjoying new experiences, growing, improving, BECOMING!

Why am I sharing this?:)
Because I got this question on why I invite other coaches and HR/L&D people in my live sessions, my podcasts and to be guest speakers in the Lead for Legacy League Management Development program that I run, isn't that risky, doesn't that scare me? After all, they're all in the same business I'm in!

My answer, loud and clear, is this:

👍 1. OF COURSE I invite them, because they bring a different perspective, fresh eyes, new ideas, ALL of which SERVE THE PEOPLE I coach, train and help grow - my clients!
👍 2. OF COURSE I invite them, because that's how they get to MEET AND HAVE A DIFFERENT KIND OF CONVERSATION with people they hadn't met until that point, which also HELPS MY GUESTS GROW!
👍 3. OF COURSE I invite other experts in the field I operate in, because that's how I ALSO GROW and learn!

It is a WIN-WIN-WIN!!
Personal and professional development is ALL about the WIN, including the win over our own egos, fears, discomfort and the likes!

GROWTH starts with knowing that knowledge is power(ful) as long as it's shared.

So no, I'm not afraid! I'm HAPPY I know so many people who are kind and open to join me and share the knowledge, so we make this a better world in whatever way we can. That's up to each and every one of us.

So, welcome to my Coach House! Thank you for being here! I'm so happy we know each other:)!


So, How Do You Choose a Coach?

Live Q&A 8: 'How do I choose a coach?'

Remember the famous line 'wax on', 'wax off' - I think you do:)! (but, 'Karate Kid', just in case:))

That's what I get in my mind whenever I think about answering this question, only that you can replace it with 'coach on', 'coach off'! :)

In this live Q&A, I also have a special guest: Amanda Rose, Founder of The Infinite Power of You Inc., Business, Wealth & Mindset Coach, Multi Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Actor and Online Course Creator.

Together, we debate and answer this question that I got from so many of you!

And we both have very, very strong opinions about what makes a good coach, what makes a bad coach and how you can choose one that is a good fit for you, so you get the results that YOU need.

Enjoy - and choose wisely:)!
(And also, thank you for choosing me to all of you who have, you know who you are:)!!
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A Special Coach House: The Lead for Legacy League!

February 2-in-1 Special!

Our Global Online Management Development program now has a mix of Romania, Mexico, Canada and UK in the house.

Some of the things we've talked about in our weekly meetings:
  • how do I work with people without micro-managing them?
  • how do I motivate my team when people leave?
  • how to give feedback for positive results
  • how do I set development goals with a new team?
  • self and team care and motivation
We've also had our first guest speaker, Ioana Predescu, who answered our questions around Measuring Performance and Workload! And she'll be back next Thursday, February 23rd.

What you get in a month with the League (you can join anytime and stay for as long as you need, but start with one month:)):

  1. Group coachingthe most powerful tool to boost your development and growth
  2. Online courses with 20% discount for all League members
  3. Game-Changing Business impact individual assessment & strategywith 20% discount for all League members
  4. Q&A and discussions based on YOUR case-studies
  5. Strategies for you and your team, based on YOUR needs, situation & challenges
  6. Full Library of Materials, including recordings of our weekly sessions, books, videos, documents and links to relevant resources.
  7. Brainstorming & networking with peers from around the world
  8. Guest speakers that boost your creativity so you get fresh, innovative ideas to your team and organization
  9. You're also invited to speak, as long as that's something you'd like to do! You'll share your ideas with the world!

Invite one of your friends to join you in February!
Join the Lead for Legacy League with a Friend by 28 February and get 2 spots for the price of 1!
How about that?

Take control over your time, emotions, actions and results!
Build the future of work and leave your legacy to next generations!
Experience the Power of the League!

Find Out More & Sign-Up! Join anytime, month-by-month!
Ask for Your League 2-in-1 Valentine's Special

Build Some Trust in Your Team!

Trust is such a huge topic, and crucial for the long term success of Teams, wherever they operate.

I started to answer this question in one of the Live Q&As, but THE place to start building trust and reaping all the benefits is FEEDBACK! That's one of the vehicles that leads to trust:)!

The All Personal online course on Feedback for High-Performance and Collaborative Teams is ready and waiting for you.
And you have a special offer throughout February:
take the course with one of your team mates, friends, family members and get it for a 2-in-1 price!
Message me and I'll send you the details:).

Looking forward to getting YOUR feedback on this course, of course:)))!
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