Inclusion, Motivation & Well-Being at Work!
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People and team leaders in organizations large & small are under so much pressure these days. Have been for more than a year now. And the conversation always revolves around motivation & engagement.

So let's talk about that. I've addressed this issue in some of the past live streams as well, so you can always check the series on my YouTube channel here.

You'll find more resources on the All Personal Learning platform as well.

In this video, we look at what makes motivation & engagement stick. Let's look at inclusion as part of the equation.

And I will say this: all these elements are crucial for the well-being of your organization. And for the results you're getting as a team.

Want to win gold at the Olympics? You need a Dream Team. And THAT is a team that includes everyone that can contribute their best to what you want to achieve!


Learn different. LEAD different!

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All Personal Monthly Live Workshop Series!

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A recent study from Google reveals that 65% of startups that fail don't fail because of systems or technology issues, they fail because of people issues!

This confirms one thing I've always believed: people issues are business issues!

I work with many team managers and leaders to help them get strategies that solve their 'people' issues, such as motivation, engagement, performance, development, retention - the list is long, especially right now!

All people issues affect the way we work, our productivity, our results and the business as a whole. And let's not forget - team leaders and managers are also people and are also part of the team, so they deal with similar issues to their teams'!

Many of you feel stressed, exhausted, frustrated, confused and isolated!

Many of you leading teams want to help your people, to build dream teams, to grow in your jobs and roles, to still build your dream and to lead 'different' - to lead with legacy!

Join me in this first live workshop of the All Personal Monthly Workshop Series for people who lead people & teams.

Let's talk about how we can use well-being as a long-term leadership strategy that:

  1. can redefine how everyone makes an impact in their role and organization
  2. can increase motivation, engagement, diversity and inclusion
  3. helps us redefine success in the workplace!

Let's create a future of work we're all proud of!

Register here & receive a gift after the workshop!
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On June 9th, we're discussing 'Well-Being: Time To Thrive- Well-Being Strategies With An Outcome Mindset'.

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