One Year of the All Personal News!
And 43 Years of My Presence on This Planet:)!

A special week of celebrations - mostly celebrating learning and growing:)!
I LOVE, absolutely LOVE this Mark Twain quote:
'Age is mind over matter: if you don't mind, it doesn't matter!'

I received a birthday card some many moons ago, which had this quote on it, and it just stayed with me forever.

So I'm sharing it with you here, as I know you will all know EXACTLY what it means - you, the life-time learners, dreamers, doers!

So we're not celebrating numbers, but accomplishments:).

And I want to THANK YOU, each and everyone of you, for watching this space, for being here, for sharing some of your thoughts and feedback along the way.

Thank you for embarking on your own All Personal journey of growth, transformation, becoming, call it anyway you like.

We're all here BECAUSE we all know that yes, it is all about MIND OVER MATTER.

And knowing that, it's all that matters, we don't mind the rest:)!

So cheers to the coming years!

Biggest hugs ever!

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