Hybrid Work Notes & Thoughts for Team Leaders & Team Members
<<First Name>>, I attended Collision Conf this week - in person - the first time in 3 years! Still wrapping my head around that.

What I love about it is that, in spite of its label of 'Tech Conference', most conversations are around what makes us HUMAN in a TECH world.

Sharing some of my notes with you. I believe these are helpful whether you are leading a team, or are part of one.

Future of work
It's up to us to model the future of work
Create a plan and provide the environment that is more suited for each person

On purpose & culture
- they have a deeper meaning now
- paradoxically, we became more human through the online experience
- people need to FEEL the culture past physical barriers. It's not just about the experiences you get in the office, but about what the company is all about and how we can transcend the in-person limitations
- make videos or podcasts to tell stories and help people 'feel' the culture remotely

On managers & leadership
- the burden is placed more on managers and leadership. Are we appropriately setting goals to make it work?
- some people say 'this is hard for me, I don't know if I wanna be remote', others 'I'm remote and I'm never going back'
- managing these preferences is not something managers had to do before

On the importance of Care
- there's a way to be direct and not rude: to care
- we've learned that we need to take care of the whole person, not just the work version
- the relationship between employer and employee has irreversibly changed for the better

On wellbeing
- there are apps that gather data and can predict when people are in burn out or close to leaving the company
- it's now possible for managers to be measured by the level of wellbeing of their people

Does remote affect career progression?
- proximity bias is real, we need more awareness around it
- managers need to make time equally for everyone on the team
- some companies have noticed 'Slack proximity' being built, minimizing the perceived distance between people
- introverts benefit from online written communication channels

Does location matter?
- be close or available enough to meet
- if you're too remote, that may be a logistical challenge
- time zones matter, decide if as a company you want to work fully asynchronously or if you also need synchronous work

I saved the best for last. It may actually be the worst for last.
'There's an assumption that mothers are less committed employees because they're mothers. At the same time, mothers who are the main bread winners are 40% of the labour base and the studies prove they are so much more committed because they are mothers!'

As a mother of 2, I am furious to know that anyone has ever had this thought about me and how committed to my work I am BECAUSE I was a mother!

If we know anything about motivation is that it is primarily intrinsic. And motherhood typically amplifies it.

Lead different.


Bring Back the Fizz & Buzz in Your Team!

'Clients do not come first. Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’​
(Richard Branson)

<<First Name>>, I absolutely love this quote!
Because whenever I am 'the client', it's those employees who are well taken care of that make me feel like a million bucks!

Problem is - WHO takes care of them?
'Being taken care of' demands the question - by whom? Most of us will immediately say: their manager.

Problem is, what I'm hearing from the team managers I work with is this: now is one of the most difficult times to be managing a team!
And what I heard at Collision this week absolutely confirms this.

Next question: HOW do we solve this problem?

My colleague and fellow executive coach,
Tracy Wilk, and I have developed a Pilot Team Coaching Program to support leaders and teams in legal, finance & tech.

We developed this program because of the obvious: it's unrealistic for companies to rely solely on individual leaders to meet their critical goals!

Instead, we want to help companies to develop the collective leadership and intelligence of their teams, to produce better outcomes.

Through our work, we aim to support teams and leaders:
✅To understand their strengths and areas of development as a cohesive team.
✅To define their purpose, values and priorities.
✅To better see and understand their unspoken behaviours, modes of operation and other blind spots.
✅To build their capacity to manage conflict.
✅To clarify goals, performance indicators and roles.
✅To build a plan to help the team and team members to continually learn.
✅To help the team leader coach the team, and the team as a whole to coach itself.
Bring back the Fizz & Buzz in their teams!

We're doing some early runs of the program with the teams of some of our clients and, in exchange for their feedback, are offering very discounted pricing.

If you think this may be a good program for you and your team, and want to find out more about it, please
email me, we'll take it from there.
Sounds like a program you or someone in your organization might be interested it? Click here to email me and I'll follow-up with you.

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