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I've been designing and delivering a few team workshops these past weeks, with a focus on Effective Team Communication.

As we were looking at team development stages, we discovered some fascinating facts about how team members PERCEIVE the stage their team is at, and the impact this has over the team communication and effectiveness.

Watch this video and find out more about the characteristics of team development stages, and what is needed from a team communication and leadership perspective in each stage.

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A recent study from Google reveals that 65% of startups that fail don't fail because of systems or technology issues, they fail because of people issues!

This confirms one thing I've always believed: people issues are business issues!

I work with many team leaders to help them get strategies that solve their 'people' issues, such as motivation, engagement, performance, development, retention - the list is long, especially right now!

All people issues affect the way we work, our productivity, our results and the business as a whole. And let's not forget - team leaders and managers are also people and are also part of the team, so they deal with similar issues to their teams'!

Many of you - feel stressed, exhausted, frustrated, confused and isolated!
Many of you leading teams want to help your people, to build dream teams, to grow in your jobs and roles, to still build your dream and to lead 'different' - to lead with legacy!

This is why I created this FREE Bite-Sized Live Masterclass for people who lead people and teams!
We look at the high-performing athletes' model of PREPARATION - PERFORMANCE - RECOVERY and apply it in our own lives (at home and at work).

Dream Big, Become a Dream Boss and Build a Dream Team!

Enroll in this FREE Masterclass and get access to resources that help you thrive, so you can help your team thrive, too! So you get the results you're looking for!

Use the discussion area on the platform to ask anything, I'll be there to answer!

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Data-driven recruitment leads to better hiring decisions. This is said to be true when trying to create high-performing teams using psychometrics like DISC, StrengthFinder, and other tools that test an individual's motivation and critical thinking.

HBOMax came out with a recent documentary, Persona, raising a slew of ethical questions and demonstrating how other personality tests may do more harm than good – from impacting online dating matches, to job prospects, and more.

Does personality really tell you how an individual or team will perform? Perhaps it is a "yes and..." to the equation? What is the future destined to look like if this is the new norm?

Watch this video in the Game Changing Work Show and dive into this interesting topic and explore the possibilities beyond personality.

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